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A common misconception is that .... The breeds used in jousting are more often than not draft horse. Or at the very least draft crosses, as a horse needs to be strong n sturdy to carry someone in full armor. Breeds commonly used are the belgian, percheron, and shire.... However none of these breeds in fact existed in Medieval times. Study of manuscript pictures and period writings tells us that the Warhorse of medieval antiquity was in fact a smallish horse by today's standards perhaps somewhere between the Lucitano and the Fresian horse in stature. Speed and agility were of prime concern along with a certain amount of fiery temperament. Although smaller than the giants you may see at your local renfaire the true medieval warhorse had no trouble carrying an armoured man, as he was (unlike a drafthorse) bred specifically for this. The breed names we apply to horses today were not used in medieval times instead a horse might be referred to as being of a regional type relating to where it had come from.

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The two most common kinds of horse used for jousting were warmblood chargers and larger destriers. Chargers were medium-weight horses bred and trained for agility and stamina. Destriers were heavier, similar to today's Andalusian horse, but not as large as the modern draft horse.

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A good jousting horse had to be strong, steady, calm, and somewhat fast, along with being reasonably calm around crowds and other horses.

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Q: What breeds of horses were used in jousting?
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