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natural hives look like what you see in Cartoons all lumpy and whatnot. man-made bee hives look like your average sized dresser but contain bees instead.


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a bumble bee is found in the hives ussaly on a tree lol

Go to "" and put in bumble bee diagramor just plain bumble bee and you should find something. Have fun!

A bumble bee is a bee -- just a different sort of bee.Bumble bees do collect nectar and make honey, but not in large enough quantities to make it worth harvesting.However bumble bees are excellent Pollinators, so bumble Bees can be worth keeping. Farmers will pay you money to lend them your hives for the season so that the bumble bees pollinate their crops.

what insect look like a dragon fly and a bee

it is a hmmingbird that looks like a bumble bee

smaller than a bumble bee and larger than a flea!

bumblebees live underground in a nest and some live above ground in hives

No, a bumble bee is an insect.

Yes. Wasps live in hives and do not make honey. Many "Bumble" bees are actually solitary and only a handful of bee species like the honey bee live in hives and make honey. A wasps venom is near neutral wheras a bee's is acid. A wasp sting can be used repeatedly wheras bee stings only have one use and they die as a result of stinging a human. These are only a few examples of how they differ.

the honey bee makes honey the bumble bee does not

A bumble bee is an insect.

The bumble fee is in the Apidae family. The order of the bumble bee is Hymenoptera.

A bumble bee is a large hairy bee that makes a loud humming noise. The Bumble bee lives in small colonies in underground holes.

Almost anything can kill a bumble bee.

tuna is not made from bumble bee

I think it may be a burrowing bee they live underground in holes as a colony and they look a bit like a bumble bee but not as big

the woods and stuff like that

it just does like you have hair!

You don't destroy a bumble bee hive!

Bumble Bee Foods was created in 1910.

The size of a bumble bee ranges from 3/4 inch to 1 1/2 inch. A bumble bee is a bee that is covered in an apparent fuzz.

A plumber bee is a bee that likes to nest where there is a hiding place made of wood. Plumber bee is another name for the carpenter bee. Plumber bees look like a bumble bee but they have more black on their bodies.

bumble bee coures becouse bumble bee can be bring to life again

A person who has bee hives is called a bee keeper.

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