What cactus grows edible fruit?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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the siguaro cactus i think.

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Q: What cactus grows edible fruit?
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Is the pineaple shaped fruit on the top of the barrel cactus edible?

No, unfortunetly they are poisonous.

What type of caCtus can be eaten?

cacti bear edible fruit such as the prickly pear and hylocereus which produces dragon fruit or pitaya.

What is greengage?

It is a light green, edible plum like fruit, that grows on a similar tree

Prick pears is a kind of fruit?

Yes, prickly pear fruits develop on a number of cactus plants and are edible.

Did Navajo people eat prickly pear cactus?

The pads and fruit of the prickly pear cactus are edible. The fruit can be peeled and eaten raw. However, many experts suggest that the fruit is best when it is made into candy, jelly, juice, or wine. It is also available dried or in extract form.

What type of product is banana?

The yellow edible bit is a fruit. The plant on which it grows is technically a herb. Follow the link.

What is a desert cactus?

a cactus that grows in the desert XD

Which Fruit peel is edible but not fruit?

There is no such fruit where its peel (Exocarp) is only edible.

Is there really an addiction juice from a cactus?

well,my dad drinks juice from a fruit that grows on cacti,but im not shure if hes addictited to it.

Is a cactus vegetation?

no The term ‘vegetable’ generally means the edible parts of plants, and has little meaning otherwise. The cactus is not a fruit, and so probably falls into the category of “vegetable’.

What are nopales?

nopales are edible cactus leaves.

Can you eat organ pipe cactus fruit?

Yes, you can eat the fruit of this cactus