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Zany bandz are more awsome silly bandz are harder to find

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Q: What came first Silly Bandz or Zany Bandz?
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Which came first silly bandz or goofy bandz?

silly bandz, goofy bandz are just a copied idea.

Do they sell Harry Potter silly bandz in England?

no they do not but they have Justin bieber silly bandz now they just came out

Who came up with silly bandz?

Robert Croak did.

Does WalMart sell Silly Bandz?

Yes, Wal-Mart sells Silly Bandz, however, they may not have any in stock so if you can not find them, you should ask a store employee.

What year where silly bandz made?

Just last year. The idea came out in 2003.

What shapes of silly bandz do Walgreen's sell?

I went there and they mostly sold Animals.and they came in packs of 17!

Is the pink dolphin silly band rare?

No. There are alot of pink dolphin silly bandz in the sea pack.

When were silly bandz invented?

The official silly band was made on December 24th 2010. The 1st day the silly band came out ppl like didnt even notice; and then like "SNAP"; they went around like wild fire.... Hope that helped (:

Which silly bands are rare?

yes they are rare but there very very hard to get i have one but that's all that came in my pack . there is alot of rare silly bandz another rare one in the pack its a dragon . rare ones sell for about sometimes a dollar or more but regular not rare ones for example the cat that probably sells for only about 25 cents.

Do they make a squirrel silly band?

YES!!! actually they do make squirrel silly bandz, i have three of them (2 different versions) on my wrist right now. i dont know what "pack" they came from. i got them from friends that know i love squirrels... i found an awesome squirrel band. it came in a pack called Phat Headz Bandz by Bebalicious Bandz. the squirrel is soooo cute and it is making a peace sign with its hand. i found it on it comes in 6 different color combinations and it glows in the dark and smells like strawberries.

What kind of silly bandz does walmart sell?

It depends on what type of import came in that time. Like Shop Rite, it contains a variety, but one type at a time. Watch and go daily and you'll see.

When were silly bandz made?

The original shaped bands were made by a Japanese designer in 2002. Robert Croak saw them on a business trip in 2007 and changed the sizes/colors and called them Silly Bandz. They came out in 2008. The link below tells the story.