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What can an electromagnet be used for?

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2010-07-16 10:05:34

If your computer is using a CRT (instead of an LCD or plasma

screen), the electromagnet is causing the electron beam to "bend"

as it passes across the screen to make the image. If your computer

uses a hard-drive, electro-magnets are used to position the

read/write head, to spin the disk and to write to the head. An

electro magnet is also used to spin the motor of the cooling

fan(s). Electro-magnets are part of your automobile's electrical

system as well. The starter motor uses electro-magnets as do all

electric motors, the ignition coil is little more than specialized

electro-magnets, the automatic door actuators are electro-magnets

as are the injectors and any relays. Electro-magnets are

everywhere, you just need to know where to look.

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