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If your computer is using a CRT (instead of an LCD or plasma screen), the electromagnet is causing the electron beam to "bend" as it passes across the screen to make the image. If your computer uses a hard-drive, electro-magnets are used to position the read/write head, to spin the disk and to write to the head. An electro magnet is also used to spin the motor of the cooling fan(s). Electro-magnets are part of your automobile's electrical system as well. The starter motor uses electro-magnets as do all electric motors, the ignition coil is little more than specialized electro-magnets, the automatic door actuators are electro-magnets as are the injectors and any relays. Electro-magnets are everywhere, you just need to know where to look.

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Q: What can an electromagnet be used for?
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Why is an electromagnet not used in a compass?

An electromagnet is not used in a compass as it needs electricity (an electric current)

Can zinc be used in an electromagnet?

no...only magnetic materials can be used as electromagnet...zinc is not a magnetic material

Where is electromagnet used?

An electromagnet is used in an electrical engine, but an electrical engine contains normal magnets too.

How can an electromagnet be used in a scrapheap?

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How is an electromagnet used in a telegraph?

the telegraph when typed when through electromagnet circuit's to get to the other person

Where are the two types of electromagnet and a bar magnet commonly used?

I'm not sure where a bar magnet is used, but an electromagnet is used in junkyards, and in some laboratories.

What magnet is used in a hair dryer?

An electromagnet is used.;)

What is an example of a sentence using the word electromagnet?

Electromagnets are widely used now. Instead of traditional magnets.

Which material do we use in the core of an electromagnet and why?

Soft iron is used as the core of an electromagnet. It increases the strength of the magnet.

Why would an electromagnet be used in a scrapyard?

An electromagnet would be used to separate ferrous metals from other debris and it would also be used to lift loads of ferrous metals.

Why electromagnet is used for separating plastic bags?

An electromagnet can attract the metal, leaving the plastic behind.An electromagnet can attract the metal, leaving the plastic behind.An electromagnet can attract the metal, leaving the plastic behind.An electromagnet can attract the metal, leaving the plastic behind.

How is an electromagnet used in a radio?

to produce sound

Which metal is used for making electromagnet?


How can a compass be used to check the strength of an electromagnet?

if the electromagnet is strong the compass will point to it not north but if it is weak it will still point north

When would you want to use an electromagnet rather than a permanent magnet?

When you need a magnet you can turn on and off an electromagnet is used.

Why are electromagnets used in earphones?

The electromagnet is part of the speaker, it causes the vibrations that become sound. Without the electromagnet, there would be no sound.

What can a electromagnet be used for?

picking up vehicles in a scrapheap

Is electromagnet used in iron box?

iron box

What are 3 ways electromagnet used?

in door bells,

What type of magnets are used in a electric bell?


Are Magnets and electromagnet are used in many devices?


Which metal or alloy is used for making a strong electromagnet?

Iron is used for electromagnets.

Where are electromagnets used in industry?

Everywhere. Every electric motor is an example of an electromagnet. They are used for picking up scrap metal. Almost everything modern with moving parts has an electromagnet in it.

What are the uses of a electromagnet?

There are many uses of the electromagnet, it is used to invent generators and electric motors, used it to control the switch relay, use in practical industries, and even in an electric bell etc. Because the electromagnet is a type of magnet in which the magnetic field is produced by the electric current.

Why is electromagnet used in magnetic crane?

The electromagnet has two important advantages:* Electromagnets are much stronger than permanent magnets * They can be turned on and off