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You can either add more sugar or boil off some of the water.

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Q: What can be done to a sugar solution to make it more concentrated?
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Increasing the amount of solute in a solution can make a?

concentrated solution

What can be done to sugar solution to make it more concentration?

You can either add more sugar or boil off some of the water.

How could you make concentrated solution weaker?

A concentrated solution can be weakened by adding more of the solution material (usually water) to dilute it.

How would make a concentrated solution?

you can change the solute

Do water and sugar make an electrolyte solution?

Water sugar solution is not an electrolyte because sugar is not dissociated.

How do you make a concentrated solution more diluted?

You add more solvent.

How would you make a solution more concentrated?

By adding more solute to it.

How do you make suger sulouson?

If you mean solution, then you can make a solution with water by just combining water and sugar. It's the same with sugar and other liquids, although sugar won't create a solution with all liquids.

How can a solution be made more concentrated?

Increase the amount of solvent.

Which additives make gelatin stronger?

Sugar makes the strongest gelatin because it hardens when concentrated.

What should you add if you wand a higher concentration?

you should add more of the solute to the solution to make it more concentrated and more of the solvent to the solution to make it diluted.

How many grams sugar need to be added in a 100mL water to make a 10 sugar solution?

To make a 10% sugar solution you need to dissolve 10 grams of sugar and bring the volume up to 100 ml