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Anything with a mass can be measured in centigrams, as it is merely a unit used to measure mass. Centigrams are a small unit though, so smaller items would be more ideal.

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Q: What can be measured in centigrams?
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What is measured by centigrams?

Bobina the second king of israel

What unit would you use to measure the weight of a button?

Most buttons would probably be measured in centigrams or grams, depending on how big they are.

What is larger mg or centigrams?


What is 0.75 grams into centigrams?

It is 75 centigrams.

How many centigrams are in a decagram?

0.1 centigrams

What is 14.97662 grams in centigrams?

1,497.662 centigrams.

What is 400 centigrams to grams?

400 centigrams (1 gram/100 centigrams) = 4 grams =======

642 centigrams to kilograms?

642 centigrams is 0.00642 kilograms @100,000 centigrams per kilogram.

What units of measurement are used to describe and objects amount of matter or mass?

Mass is measured in units of grams. They can be kilograms, grams, centigrams, milligrams, etc... .

How many grams are in 25 centigrams?

0.25 grams for 25 centigrams.

How many grams are in 1500 centigrams?

There are 15 grams in 1500 centigrams. 100 centigrams=1 gram

How many centigrams are in 1 gram?

100 centigrams