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it's due to things like, climate, hot or cold, water access, food availability, is the place is well runs or has good power or money to run the country or the place in question.

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Q: What can be the reason of uneven distribution of population in India?
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Why is distribution of rainfall uneven in India?

Because of the tempature and altitude

What is the must populated country in Asia?

In terms of population, China. But in terms of population in terms of land distribution, its India

What are the main cause of poverty in India?

Unequal distribution of income.High population growth.Illiteracy.Large families.Caste system.

Where would the would the bulk of the population of India be in a less developed country?

India is a country less developed than the others. This is a reason for the hike in population.

What are the causes of Depletion of floura and fauna in India?

There are various cause of depletion of flora and fauna. India's population is the main reason.

What is the leading country in terms of population?

China still holds first place in population, but India is a close 2nd, and is gaining. The reason India is gaining is that China has imposed strict family size regulations that is curbing their population growth. India has no such restraints.

What are the causes of rapid population growth in India?

There is only one real reason - lack of birth control.

What are some factors that influence population distribution?

The six factors affecting human population distribution are:Physical FeaturesAgricultureFresh WaterClimateAvailable PowerAccess to Other Communities

Scope of the public distribution in india?

The public distribution system of India is a food security system. It distributes subsidized food non-food items to the poor of India.

What is the Distribution strategy adopted by Sony in India?

Sony india follows a one level distribution strategy i.e. manufacturer to retailers to customers.

How many relgions are there in India?

There are 4 considered religions in India: Hinduism (80.5% of India's population), Islam (13.4% of India's population), Christianity (2.3% of India's population), and Bahà'ìs (0.2% of India's population).

What is India's population distribution age wise?

Age Group/Sex-wise Population in India (2001 Census)Age-TotalRuralUrbangroupPersonMaleFemalePersonMaleFemalePersonMaleFemaleAll ages10286103285321567724964535567424906393816026743608879652861196891505540981355655910-411044716457119612533275528510841043857198412512122533875413262414120763405-9128316790667348336158195798456245510946984736154729860545156401351422041010-14124846858656328775921398192382322486027454377957732464536170301321543440415-19100215890539399914627589970061823377484183231340530154067161915731396249420-2489764132463211504344298261398904311274823027142228365228151936681317156025-2983422393415575464186484757685140283771732930796725737253131803731255688030-3474274044373619163691212851828879256887792614010022445165116731371077202835-3970574085360387273453535848958544248816242407692021615541111571031045843840-44557382972987871525859582385651712042043918144732171731269458276771485045-49474089762486788622541090329550021702367315931329144539747844213660976150-54365875591985160816735951257775981381269111964907108099616038917477104455-592765334713583022140703251997106995727541039831576822784010268367201060-6427516779135863471393043220651969101467261050524368648103439621342518965-6919806955947210310334852148167567070706774605049901992401397258880270-741470864475276887180956111294765746992538248435791681780696179847275-79655122532632093288016483014024121212418019172108585108886999780+80387183918980411973860163732983060303331320223459359201086425Age not stated27384721500562123791018968181035395861423841654465167376487Source : Census of India, 2001.