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Q: What can be the result of the stimulative effects of Ecstasy combined with the hot crowed conditions often found at raves?
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Effects of ecstasy in a nonalcoholic beverage?

the same as ecstasy?

What are the effects of the green puma ecstasy?


What neurotransmitters are affected by ecstasy?

Ecstasy effects serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine and monoamine.

What are the long time effects of ecstasy?

Long term effects of ecstasy are dry mouth dilated pupils shrinking of the balls and lose of feeling in your penis

Is there an alternative to ecstasy?

Yes, it is called herbal ecstasy. It has the same effects and is very similar to actually E.

How does ecstasy affect your mental health?

Ø This site is dedicated to those who have found their life severely impacted by ecstasy effects and need ecstasy rehab. Ecstasy, a street name given for the chemical MDMA, is a synthetic, psychoactive , neurotoxic drug with many negative effects. Ecstasy has similar structure to stimulants, like cocaine, and hallucinogenics like LSD. Also similar to cocaine and amphetamines is the highly addictive nature of ecstasy effects. Another commonality of ecstasy and all other abused drugs is the down-side, the negative often long-lasting ecstasy effects that far outweigh the few short term pleasures listed above. Here are a few that may come as quickly as the first dose and increase with continued usage.

Does methadone block the effects of ecstasy?

No, Methadone will only block the effects of opiate drugs.

How does ecstasy effect your body and brain?

well basically ecstasy kills brain cells... and in fact the full effects of ecstasy are not yet known to scientists since people who take ecstasy in big quantities do not live long enough.

What is the classification of ecstasy?

Ecstasy classification is Entactogens which is used to describe a class of psychoactive drugs that produce distinctive emotional and social effects

What is the dose for Ecstasy?

Ecstasy is generally taken in doses of 125 milligrams, although effects are observable by ingestion of as little as 60 milligrams

What will happen after using ecstasy for a lifetime?

Memory loss, side effects of drugs usually mixed in ecstasy pills, tolerance, depression

What are the side effects of snorting ecstasy?

A messed up life.

What are the effects on a cat if they were to take ecstasy?

Very possible that it would kill the cat.

What are the effects of pure molly?

Essentially it is the same as Ecstasy, without the negative side effects. Molly is pure MDMA, whereas Ecstasy is MDMA cut with coke, meth, dope, caffeine, or anything else imaginable. Molly does not have much of a "come down" but is far harder to locate pure that Ecstasy.

Short term psychological effects of ecstasy?

Putting this question on

What would happen if you try cocaine and ecstasy together?

Some Ecstasy pills have cocaine in them. But usually, if you snort cocaine while you're on Ecstasy, the Ecstasy high will disappear, and you will only be able to feel the effects of the cocaine. I don't know why it's different if you swallow the cocaine (if the cocaine is mixed into the Ecstasy pill). The same thing happens when you drink alcohol on Ecstasy -- the Ecstasy high disappears, and you can only feel the effects of the alcohol. In short, Ecstasy is best done alone (or with marijuana). As marijuana is a mild hallucinogen, and Ecstasy is too, they go very nicely together. I wouldn't say the high disappears but it's slightly diminished, however i personally think alcohol and e mix quite well.

What are some short term effects with ecstasy?

some short term effects of ecstasy may include confusion, short term memory loss, mild to severe depression, mood swings and user may feel physically tired or burnt.

Do you see stuff when you are on ecstasy?

Taking ecstasy can make one see things that are not really there in reality. Some people who have taken ecstasy claim to have seen angels and demons standing in front of them. Some say that ecstasy just makes them sensitive to certain lighting. However, ecstasy's effects on people vary greatly. Some do not feel ecstasy, while some feel it greatly.

What effects does ecstasy have in sport?

it makes you trip balls when you play a sport on extacy

Is Adderall like Ecstasy?

yea, it is. It has much similar euphoric effects, that are incredible!

What are the effects of taking half an ecstasy pill with a heart murmur?

Ae you stupid

How long do the side effects of ecstasy occur?

Up to six hours or so.

What are the effects of taking ecstasy pills with a heart murmur?

dont take them they are a strong drug and can kill you.

What effects occur if a man mixes Ecstasy and Viagra pills?

that man will get a very hard willy

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The combined effects of malnutrition and severe overcrowding meant that infectious diseases spread easily. Moreover, there was no medication in the camps and ghettos.