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Q: What can be used for a rattlesnake repellent?
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What is a good ant repellent?

Diatomaceous earth has been used as a good ant repellent.

Is snake poison used for rattlesnake bite?

No, antivenin is used to treat the bite of a rattlesnake.

Can ginger be insect repellent?

Ginger can be used as an insect repellent. This only works for certain insects and not on all of them.

Filipino inventor of electronic mosquito repellent?

Bioneem is the name of a mosquito repellent which is used in the Philippines. This can be used against mosquitoes and other insects.

Does all out mosquito repellent kill person?

Mosquito repellent does not kill humans when used correctly. Always read the directions prior to use of any form of repellent.

What is the hypothesis in the lansones peel made into a mosquito repellent?

Lansone's peel can be used to make an effective mosquito repellent. There are active ingredients that can be extracted to make a repellent solution.

Is arsenic used in nature?

Arsenic can be used as a pest repellent.

What can be used for dog repellent for the yard that I can make at home?

You shouldn't use dog repellent. It is cruel to animals. :( shame on you

What is the effect of liquid mosquito repellent on human bodies?

As long as used properly, the effect of liquid mosquito repellent on human bodies is good. You should not apply the repellent to the hands of young children.

Why does madre cacao leaves effective as mosquito repellant?

Cacao leaves make a good mosquito repellent because it is not appealing to mosquitos. To make a repellent, the leaves are boiled, and the juices are used for repellent.

What kind of product is ThermaCELL?

ThermaCELL is a company which manufactures mosquito repellent products. They sell lanterns and appliances that heat up and give disperse mosquito repellent into the air. The repellent used is called allethrin and is a copy of a natural repellent given off by certain flowers.

How angsana is useful?

They have been eaten and used for termite repellent.