What can casuse a thermal burn?


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heat causes a thermal burn

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The treatment for a thermal burn depends on the severity of the burn. A simple burn can be treated with cool water and burn cream.

A burn caused by a heat source

How to treat a thermal burn involves cooling the skin and covering the burn area with a sterile non-adhesive bandage.

Heat causes thermal burns. Contact with Flames, hot objects, hot liquids, hot gases, or the fireball from an explosion will result in a thermal burn.

Stay out of the sun!!!!!!!!!!! You will get sun burn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As an injury a thermal burn. As a treatment to stop bleeding cauterization.

Burn more fuel is the obvious thing to do

The chemical energy from a tree can be changed into thermal energy when you burn the tree's wood.

No, in animals even casuse mydriasis

A physician may be able to neutralize the offending chemical with another before treating the burn like a thermal burn of similar severity.

When you burn a fuel to produce heat (coal, oil, natural gas, uranium) Thermal comes from a greek word which means heat. Therefore thermal means heat.

A fire burn consumes your skin as fuel and would keep going until the fuel is gone or it is deprived of oxygen. A steam burn is just water or a liquid that has a lot of thermal energy that it wants to transfer to something that is colder (like your skin). A fire burn would persist, while a steam burn would just get it's thermal energy sapped out and condense into a liquid.

A burn caused by heat; or a rather odd way of saying "burning" or "combustion", i.e. the chemical reaction that emits heat.

they burn fossil fuels , coal, natural resources.etc!

The excess heat produced at the collector base junction may even burn and destroy the transistor.This situation is called thermal runaway.

No, thermal and line printers are two different things. "Line" printers are referring to a form of "Dot-Matrix" printers. "Thermal" printers burn a special paper to form characters and symbols.

a burn that involves the outer and middle layer of the skin

Chemical energy is converted to thermal energy

After water evaporation begin the thermal decomposition of food components.

When you burn it, the chemical energy is converted to thermal energy.

Only if you want to burn your home down.

Chemical Energy. Chemical energy is converted to thermal energy when people burn wood in a fireplace or burn gasoline in a car's engine.

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