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Take a compression test of that cylinder. If it is low. it probaqbly is a burned valve, If it is ok, check for a bad injector if it is port injection. Also check for a vacuun leak. Change your spark plugs and wires.Also Check for broken Sparkplug or bad wire...I had Identical problem when I bought my 01 Nissan and it had water in the plug hole from being detailed,I sprayed penatrant oil in hole and on plug wire and problem solved within 1/2 mile.Also check for oil in the plug holes ...Most likely cause is a burnt exhaust valve BUt yes do check basics first A commoc problem is corrosion on the ignition coil especially #3 coil tower Remove the wire from the coil and make sure it's not corroded. CHeck the resistance of the wires and check the plug gap

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Q: What can cause a cylinder 3 misfire in a 1996 Saturn SC2?
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How do you install cylinder head bolts on a 1996 Saturn?

What are the torque specifications and the tightening sequence of the cylinder head bolts on a 1996 Saturn SL1?

What could cause 1996 Saturn SL1 to have multiple misfires?

Several things can cause a Multiple Cylinder Misfire. First and most obvious are your spark plugs and wires. If they havent been changed within the last year that you can remember its time to change them. Faulty Crankshaft sensor would also cause this to happen but is unlikely.

How do you install a new cylinder in a 1996 Ford Saturn station wagon?

What kind of cylinder?

What cause the check engine light to flash on and off on a 1996 Ford Taurus?

If your check engine light is flashing that means an engine cylinder misfire has been detected

What does engine code 303 on a 1996 ford thunderbird mean?

An engine cylinder misfire has been detected in the # 3 engine cylinder

How do you fix a misfire on a 1996 Saturn SL2 DOHC?

possible misfires caused by spark plug/coil wires

Why does my car 1996 Hyundai Sonata shakes on idle?

Possible cylinder misfire and/or failing engine mounts.

What does the 1996 Ford Taurus on board diagnostic code p0302 mean?

Engine cylinder ( # 2 ) misfire has been detected

1996 acura tl 2.5 and you keep getting a code for a misfire in cylinder 3 what should you do?

Check your oxygen sensor.

What does diagnosis code P0301 mean for a 1996 Mercury Mystique?

Trouble code P0301 means: Cylinder 1 Misfire Detected

How do you fix a p0302 code an a 1996 Pontiac Bonneville?

po 302 is not a valid code but maybe misfire code number 2 cylinder

What is does it mean when the check engine light flashes and p0300 on a 1996 caprice?

P0300 is a random cylinder misfire. Ensure engine is properly tuned.

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