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What can cause a miscarrage?

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The most common cause of miscarriage is genetic (or chromosome) defects in the baby. This means that the baby was not developing properly and would have had severe problems with abnormalities after birth. According to people who do research on these things, lots of women have what they thought was a late period, but really was a very early miscarriage.

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Can stress cause a miscarrage?

Yes, too much stress can cause a miscarriage. That would usually happen in the beginning though.

When is the body mature enough to get pregnant?

usually after the process of puberty. Small bodies could cause miscarrage.

Should you call a doctor if you have light spotting before your period which you have never had before and you just passed a massive clot with bad cramps and heavy bleeding?

YES! The answer is definitely yes! If you are or were in pain and you had a massive blood clot pass through and now you have heavier bleeding then yes call your doctor ASAP. Not to scare you but you could of had a miscarrage. It is important to make sure you did or did not have a miscarrage because if you did in fact have a miscarrage then you need to been seen by a doctor to make sure you had a full miscarrage and their is not traces left of the embryo inside you because that could cause you problems and possibly an infection. So yes go to the doctors ASAP.

Why is lttle bits of blood camimg wen im 7 weeks pregnant?

cause you might getting signs of a miscarrage maybe ask your midwife or something

Can a doctor tell if you have had a miscarrage?

Sometimes. Definitely not always.

Did Beyonce have a miscarrage?

Yes according to the song Glory Beyonce had a miscarriage.

1 week pregnancy?

to be pregnant for one week and have a child is impossible but you can have a miscarrage

Why did khia say Trina can't have kids?

because when Trina was pregnant by weezy she had a miscarrage

What are some complications with pregnancy if you are young?

I know that one of the complications is increased risk of miscarrage.

When do you have the scans in a pregnancy?

An ultrasound is given at 20 weeks unless you at high risk for a miscarrage.

What does miscarrige mean?

a miscarrage is when you are pregnant and the baby dies in your stomach. its very sad but true. :(

Can you be pregnant if a pregnancy test says no and the ultra scan says no?

you could have been but then had miscarrage

Can drinking alcohol cause a miscarrage?

If you drink allot of it it could. You shouldn't drink when pregnant, for many reasons, one simply being that a baby born from an alcohol will also be dependent on alcohol and cry all the time.

How do you keep from having a miscarrage?

Live normally and eat healthy. Avoid situations where you risk falling.

Can aspirin cause a miscarrage?

no asprin does not effect ur pregnancy but its best not to take anything when ur pregnant , but there r herbal medicin u can take that would replace an asprin or tylenol just ask ur pharmacist

At 7 weeks the ER doctor could not find a fetal pulse or heartbeat and you are also lightly bleeding he told me to check with my regular doctor what should you do?

immm sorryy but that will be a miscarrage Yeah I'm sorry. But I believe that's a miscarrage. But you could always try again!

How do you know if your miscarrying?

Hi my name is Amber. I have not had a miscarrage but.. i am 10 weeks pg with a threatened miscarrage. Are you bleeding bright red blood or passing black clots with fleshy tissue? Are you having severe cramps? that is a miscarrage. are u bleeding bright red blood with tiny clots and abdominal pain? that is a subchoronic bleed. in the uterus.. someone help tell me something. im ten weeks pg have a subchoronic. ive had pain for a month straight.. bleedind red bright blood some mucus that looks like the m plug. tiny clots.. drs says its a threatened miscarrage.. how long am i supossed to bleed?

What fruits can cause miscarriage?

well all fruits are healthy there are hardly any fruit that cause miscarrage so don't be so be so scared too eat them. these are the fruits that are fine too eat banannas,apples,pears all the main ones are all right too eat

Can drinking epsom salt while pregnant cause a miscarrage?

That can dehydrate the mother by causing vomiting and diarrhea. If she is near death from dehydration, the baby may die and miscarry. That would be about the only mechanism for magnesium sulfate to work as an abortifacient.

Is lily Allen marrid?

no one:) but she's got a boyfriend and was pregnant, but has just anounced that she's had a miscarrage

What else could vaginal bleeding mean besides your period?

that your hymen has been broken, or a miscarrage Ovarian Cyst.

If you had one normal period and than a heavy period 2 weeks later could you be pregnant?

You probably just had a miscarrage.

Symptoms of miscarrage?

Spotting, bleeding and cramping. Make sure you are seen by a medical professional if you feel like you are having a miscarriage.

Did Lil Wayne's son die?

Trina would have had a baby with lil Wayne but had a miscarrage. lil Wayne has 4 other children.

How long does it take for your period to start after having a miscarriage?

I just went through a miscarrage on 2-08. Its the most horrable thing to go through. I started bleeding on the 15th of feb. light bleeding. Then it got really heavy and I had bad intense pains in my lower stomach and bleeding that last 5 to 6 days. And I was wondering the same thing your wondering when should my period start after my miscarrage? Its different for every women but i didnt get my period until march 24th of 08 and starting haveiing the miscarrage on the 15th of feb of 08. So I went 39 days without haveing my period after my miscarrage. So hopefully That will help answer your question. email me at if you have any more questions. God Bless and sorry for your loss I know how you feel. Julie

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