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There are many things that could cause dizzy spells. The person may be suffering from something as simple as dehydration.

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Why do you keep having dizzy spells?

most common cause is high blood pressure. get it checked out.

When was Dizzy Spells - album - created?

Dizzy Spells - album - was created on 2001-04-24.

What is the meaning of dizzy spells?

dizzy spells not from drugs or liquor is a warning sign that something is wrong with your body and should be evaluated by your doctor

Can dizzy spells be caused from a lack of protein?

Yes, dizzy spells can be caused from a lack of protein. You should increase your intake of lean red meat, eggs, beans and lentils.

What can dizzy spells be a symptom of?

Dizzy spells can indicate many different medical concerns. Some common medical concerns are inner ear problems, headaches or migraines and blood pressure issues.

My mom has Dizzy spells and is bleeding a lot what can it be?

it could be implantation bleeding

What do you have when you have caughing runnynose hot spells exaustion sore stomach dizzy spells blury vision headaches?

Go to the doctor!

What causes dizzy spells and heart palpatations?

A number of things. Consult a physician.

Does dizzy spells have anything to do with throwing up mucous?

If you have a sinus infection that will make you throw up mucous and it can mess with your equilibrium and make you dizzy

Why do you have so many dizzy spells like from 1 to 10 a day?

From causes such as dehydration, cardiac arrhythmias, neurologic etiologies, and many more, dizzy spells require a medical examination (and, potentially, one or more tests, as well).

What could cause Dizzy spells cold symptoms rash on upper body fatigue?

Maybe you have alrgees for your dizzyness and you may have ran into posion oak or ivy if you have been out latly

What causes heart palpitations and dizzy spells?

Due to the fact that heart palpitations and dizzy spells may be caused from a variety of issues, it would be best to consult your doctor to determine the true cause. This article shows that these two issues can be symptoms of an underlying heart condition. Best to check with a medical professional.

When you bend over or stand up you get dizzy what does this mean?

Anaemia, weakness, malnutrition, prolonged illness, cardiac arrythmias and low blood pressure can cause dizzy spells. Also infection and problems in middle ear can give rise to dizziness. See your Doctor to check this out.

How does paroxysmal positional vertigo cause vertigo?

It is thought to be caused by tiny solid fragments in the inner ear labyrinth. This causes short dizzy spells when you move your head in certain directions.

Can birth control pills cause nausea dizzy spells and fatigue?

Yes, hormonal birth control has a major effect on the body as a whole so birth control pills can cause a wide range of symptoms - including nausea, fatigue, and dizzy spells. If you suspect your pill is causing these side-effects stop using the pill and talk to your doctor about finding another brand of pill, type of pill, or another birth control method.

How do you feel after fainting?

fatigued, drowsy, physically ill possibly. You may also get dizzy spells!

If a person is constantly talking on a hand a hand held phone can it cause dizziness?

There have been numerous studies that have linked cell phone usage with the cause of brain tumors. If one is talking on a cell phone most of their day, dizzy spells are possible as the cellular phone omits radiation. If the individual is using a regular land line phone, dizzy spells may also occur as the positioning of the head and phone could be obstructing proper blood flow to the brain.

What causes pain in back of head near ears with dizzy spells at times?

commonly .high blood sugar....

Could you be pregnant if you had a period 2 days after sex and have had cramps and dizzy spells every since?

Hello. A normal period usually means you are not pregnant sweetheart. But it is a concern that you began bleeding two days after sex and had cramping and dizzyness. You need to see your doctor about the bleeding, cramping and dizzy spells.

You are 70 and suffer from osteoporosis and have started having dizzy spells and neck pain is this related to your condition?

Osteoporosis can lead to dizzy spells and neck pain, but these symptoms don't come along very often. You may have a condition known as cervical spondylosis and you should see a doctor for a confirmed diagnosis.

I am having dizzy spells and I'm real tired hard to get around feeling woozy when i try to stand?

Go to a doctor.

What is function of anemia?

Anaemia is a sign which suggests that the the level of Haemoglobin in the circulating blood is low. It gives you a pale appearance, and will give rise to weakness, tiredness and dizzy spells. You will need to see your Doctor to investigate the cause of anaemia.

Can kidney stones cause you to be dizzy and have a headache?


Can cutting yourself make you dizzy?

no cutting yourself wont make you dizzy but it can cause internal bleeding

My son who is 10 years old is having dizzy spells I checked his blood pressure and it was 118 systolic 57 distolic I checked his blood sugar and it was 85 are these ranges normal?

Is your son well developed? My Daughter is 10 and has dizzy spells, she has breasts and started her periods when she was 9. Her blood pressure is 127 (systolic pressure)