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when you're cold your lips will turn a blueish purple

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Q: What can cause your lips to turn purple?
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Why do your lips turn purple?

Yes they do turn purple but i do not know why

Will vascular disease cause purple lips?


Can a fever cause purple lips?

A fever can indirectly cause purple lips. As your body temperature rises, you start to feel colder and colder. You should have your temperature checked, any fever over 104 can cause seizures.

Why do my toddlers lips turn purple?

Probably because he or she is cold or doesn't feel well.

What if your lips turn purple and your oxygen level drop?

If your lips turn purple and your oxygen levels drop, it may be a sign of poor circulation or lack of oxygen in the blood. This could be a serious medical emergency indicating respiratory or cardiac issues, and you should seek immediate medical attention. It is important to get a medical evaluation to determine the underlying cause and appropriate treatment.

Do cows turn purple?

No. However, the only time a bovine will turn purple (via the lips, nose, and tongue) is when it is being suffocated some how or other and is very close to death.

If blood pressure reading is 130 over 58 and your lips occasionally turn purple what does this indicate?

Lips turning purple or blue *could* be a sign of cyanosis, which indicates that you are not getting enough oxygen. There are a variety of conditions that can cause this, and all of them require a doctor's care. I would see a doctor immediately to investigate what is going on..

Why does Obama have purple lips?

President Obama does not have purple lips. Your TV needs a color adjustment.

Your son gets purple lips when he is in the pool what is the cause of that happening?

He's cold and so the blood flow to the periphery is reduced.

Could an allergy cause blackness of lips?

I heard when having asthma that your lips can turn a blue color...and asthma and allergies go hand and hand

Why does blistex turn lips dark?

Cause it is made with a special white ingredients

What do purple spots on lips mean?

that your can be sick.