What can chlorine cause?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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during the chlorination the needed amount of chlorine will combine with water and two acids are formed [1] hypochlorrus acid [2]hypochloric acid. in this hypochlorrus acid kill the bacteria present in the water

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Q: What can chlorine cause?
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Can chlorine cause blisters?

Yes. It is called chlorine burn.

Can chlorine in pool cause skin discolorationwhitening?

Yes, chlorine in a pool can cause skin discoloration and whitening. It can also cause your hair to change color or dry out.

Can Chlorine cause a rash?


Can chlorine cause stainless steel to rust?

The use of salt chlorine generators can cause pin holes and pits in stainless steel.

What diseases can chlorine cause?

meth addiction

Do dogs affect the chlorine in pools?

Yes, dogs generally cause a higher chlorine demand. It's not a problem if you monitor the chlorine levels.

What is the relationship between stratospheric levels of atomic chlorine and ozone?

As chlorine increases, ozone is destroyed. Chlorine (from CFCs) is the cause of the ozone holes.

Does chlorine released from natural sources cause ozone depletion?

Yes it does. Chlorine depletes the ozone layer.

Can low pH levels or clorhine cause a rash?

Low PH definitely causes rashes. This is because the water turns slightly acidic. As for chlorine, only high chlorine will cause a rash. If there is too little chlorine the water will not be as clean as it should be, but it won't cause a rash.

How does chlorine gas effect body?

Some amount of chloride ions is essential to the human body. So little amount of chlorine will not cause harm. If a considerable amount of chlorine is inhaled, it may cause damages and infections in the respiratory system. Larger doses of chlorine may be fatal.

Is chlorine safe?

It depends entirely on the concentration of the chlorine. If it's too strong, it can cause severe burns on the skin.

Does chlorine kill toads?

I think so, cause I don't think a toad can live in a pool, for example, which has chlorine.