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Electricity from solar power is the same as electricity from a coal-burning power plant. It's all the same, and it can be used to power anything that runs on electricity.

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Q: What can electricity from solar power be used for?
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What is solar power used for?

solar power is used for powering your lights or anything in your home that runs on electricity

What can solar power be used for?

solar power can be used for heating homes, lighting rooms and it can also be turned into electricity.

How is the sun's energy used as electricity?

As solar power.

What can be used instead of electricity?

Solar power, nuclear power and generators

What is the solar used for?

Solar energy is used for power and energy, showers, electricity, allot of things.

How is solar power currently used?

solar has been used in different ways like electricity

How is solar electricity used?

You get the energy by the sun by using solar panels to power things

What is solar power mainly used for?

to power our homes and give us electricity :)

What are uses 4 solar power?

Solar power can be used for providing Electricity and heating and for hot water in the house

What types of energy are used at home?

Hydroelectric power (from a dam), nuclear energy, solar power and wind power generate electricity. Natural gas is used for heating. Solar (the sun) can produce heat and electricity.

Can solar power be used to power an aerator instead of electricity?

Anything can be powered with solar power as long as you have enough money and sun!

What is the difference between solar power and electricity?

Solar power refers to the generation of electricity from sunlight using solar panels, while electricity is a broad term that encompasses any form of energy created through the movement of electrons. Solar power is a specific type of electricity production that relies on harnessing solar energy.