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Q: What can employer ask past employer in background checks?
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What questions are a prospective employer allowed to ask a previous employer in the state of Texas?

Background checks are unregulated.

What can be asked when a potential employer checks reference?

Answer A potental employer can ask any questions they deem fit

Can a current employer call and ask a past employer if an employee had any problem passing a drug screen?


havent receive my checks yeah who can i ask what happen?

If you haven't received the checks from an employer, contact their payroll department. If you haven't received the checks from the bank, first talk to a teller, then the bank manager. If they state checks have been sent and you haven't gotten them in 10 days, ask for a reissue of the checks (new ones).

If you get charged with assault can employers track your charge?

When a person is charged with assault, an employer can do a background check to look at a persons criminal past. The only way to get the charge off of your record, is to return to court and ask the judge if it can be expunged.

If a former employer is unwilling to provide a reference who else might you ask to be a reference wit hregard to a past job?

You could ask someone who worked with you, but it wouldn't carry as much weight as a reference from the employer.

When a prospective employer does a background check with your old employer in Texas the old employer tell them you were fired and would they rehire you?

They can't ask this question in this manner. A way around may be for the employer that is hiring you to ask the previous employer are you re-hireable. In most cases they only verify dates of employment and salary for legal reasons. This is the general practice.

How do you add someone to your lease?

Ask your landlord: he may perform background checks on the new person and add him to the lease.

Do most online dating sites perform background checks?

No very few do they ask wuestions and you can answer whatever you want.

What do employer look for in a background check?

Good question. Generally, an employer may do a background check on any information that is relevant to the job for which the employer is hiring. To be safe an employer can ask the applicant in writing for permission to do a background check. The employer will want to include all the details of what matters are going to be checked into. If the applicant then refuses to have the check done, the employer may refuse to consider the applicant for the job without being at risk of liability for discrimination.Just to note, an employer cannot inquire about military records, school records, and credit report without your specific consent.

Can a possible new employer ask past employer if you were fired?

the polight thing to do would be to ask about their job experience.If they decide to mention why they left,let them.If not,don't force them to tell you,unless they are a close friend

Where does an employer verify that you graduated high school?

An employer can run a background check that they pay someone to do. They can also call your high school directly. Some employers ask for a copy of your diploma.

Can I refuse to sign documents from a past employer?

Sure. You have to ask yourself the question, "why would I want to sign this, what's in it for me."

Do you have the right as an employer to ask for a criminal record check as part of your hiring?

Yes. The courts have ruled that employers DO have this right....However the employer is responsible for paying all the cost of having a criminal background check preformed.

Can you collect unemployment benefits if your checks keep bouncing from your employer and you quit because you cant cash your checks?

Unemployment law differs somewhat from state to state. The best thing to do would be to contact your state's unemployment office and ask them what the rules are there.

Why is it illegal for employers to ask about your past medical history?

It is illegal for an employer to ask about your past medical history, because it is a violation of YOUR privacy. Your health information should be for your concern and it is YOUR choice only to release this private information to another party.

Do charges from other states show up on background checks?

Yes, if the background check taps the FBI fingerprint database. Often, local agencies only report in-state charges, which is why they will ask if you have lived in other states.

Can job application ask how long you have lived at an address?

A job application can ask a number of demographic information especially if it relates to security. An application can ask how long the applicant has lived at the address. This information is needed for background checks and to determine stability.

Can prospective employer check your past employment record?

If you list your past employers, yes they ask them if they wish. However most employers are pretty neutral when replying to questions about ex-employees.

If a former employer is unwilling to provide a reference who else might you ask to be a reference with regard to a past employment?

>a co-worker at that job who has since left the company

A former employer is unwilling to provide a reference who else might you ask to be a reference with regard to a past job?

>a co-worker at that job who has since left the company

Is it legal to ask if you were convicted of a crime on a job application?

yes, as an employer you have the right to know who you are hiring and what they have done in the past. If you feel uncomfortable with the question then simply ask them when they are interviewed, this gives them the chance to explain what they did.

How do you do a salary history and requirements for an employer?

If the employer requests salary history, and only if they request it, just update your resume and add your annual salary to either the far right column or below your position. As far as requirements. Ask the employer what the job has paid in the past and go from there based on your qualifications.

Can a prospective employer ask a previous employer if you were fired in Pennsylvania?

Employers can ask that in every state.

What questions can a potential employer ask a current employer during a back ground check?

A potential employer is limited in the types of questions he can ask your current employer. Generally, he can only ask things like if he would ever rehire you and if you are currently working there.