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garden can be recycled into fertilizer

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Q: What can garden waste be recycled into?
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How is garden waste recycled?

Garden waste is usually composted and then added to the soil.

How much waste is not recycled?

Australia: 56% of Australian waste either cannot be recycled, or is not recycled.

What does the City Council do with your rubbish?

Paper, tins, glass and garden waste all get recycled, the rest goes into land fill.

What percent solid waste is recycled?

In percent it is about 83% of our waste could be recycled.

Are products made from recycled human waste?

are there any byproducts made from recycled human waste?

Can kitchen waste be recycled?

Yes. Food waste can be made into compost. Paper goods can be recycled as well. Many food and beverage containers can be recycled.

What percent of e-waste is recycled?

Electronic waste is commonly known as e-waste. Nearly 100% of this waste is recyclable, although ony about 12.5% is actually recycled.

How can recycle waste and non degradable waste?

yes it can be recycled

What is recycable waste?

Something that you dont want (waste) that can be recycled.

Can industrial waste be recycled?


How is waste recycled in nature?


What percentage of wate in Singapore is recycled?

45% of solid waste in Singapore is recycled