What can ghosts not go through?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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hehe, this is a very good question, if ghosts were real. i would think they wouldn't be able to go through a mirror, i don't no why i just assume that

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Q: What can ghosts not go through?
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Why can ghosts go through walls?

they're magic

Why do ghosts go through bodies?

some ghosts do that so they can communicate with the living people usually demons do this.

Can ghosts really go through walls?

no ghost are not real.

Can a human being go through ghosts?

yes a human can go through a ghost no matter what u wont feel anything

What is misguided ghosts by paramore about?

I think this song is about life. How we are all "misguided ghosts" going through life on different roads leading to different places and all the mistakes, heartbreak, pain etc. that we all go through along the way.

What did elizabethans think about ghosts?

The Elizabethans thought that ghosts were demons trying to get through to the real world.

How many types of ghosts are their?

As far as researches go there are 7 types of ghosts.

Do ghosts like other ghosts?

Yes ghost like other ghosts. The ones that have lost their head go for those who still have a head. Ghosts aren't real!

Where does ghosts go for their swim?

dead sea, bcoz ghosts r alredy dead

Can you touch ghosts as if they were alive?

Ghosts r not alive. ur hand also goes through them anyway i think

How so you make Hugh's fear of ghosts go away?

just remember: Ghosts are probably not were you are

Is it true that if you light a white candle ghosts will go away?

Ghosts don"t exist, but no.