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If its beating normally, It can stop.

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Q: What can happen if you compress on a heart that is beating?
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What will happen if heart stops beating?

You would die

What bad things things can happen to your heart?

heart attack, stops beating, etc.

What will happen if the heart will stop beating or pumping blood?

You will eventually die

What will happen if the heart stop beating for a moment?

jade will die and fall of her chair

What is mean by cardiac resucitation?

it means to compress the chest to mimmic the heart beat in order to pump the blood around the body because someone's heart has stopped or isn't beating properly.

Do you perform CPR when victim is gasping?

No he is obviously breathing and his heart must be beating for that to happen

How did Luke Bryan sister Die?

Her heart stopped beating.

How does the heart compress itself?

pumping of the heart (cancer)

What indicates how fast a heart is beating?

pulse indicates how fast the heart is beating

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