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You can use flour, it won't be exactly the same but it will be close

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potato starch.

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Q: What can i use to replace corn starch?
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Can I use corn flour instead of corn starch to remove oil from a pair of good leather boots?

can i use corn flour instead of corn starch to remove stain from leather boots

Can you use corn starch instead of corn flour for totillas?

Although corn flour and corn starch derive from the same part of the plant, they are NOT the same thing, and in cooking, they behave very differently. If you use corn starch to make tortillas, you'll get an inedible glob of goo. On the other hand, if you use corn flour in place of corn starch, you'll get gruel instead of gravy or sauce or pudding. Corn flour and corn starch should not be confused with (or used in place of) corn meal, which, although related, is a totally different product with a totally different purpose.

Can you use corn starch to starch your shirt?

No, just use regular clothing starch, or hairspray works well too.

Could tapioca starch be use instead of corn starch for a homemade vagina?


Which is best to use to thicken a cream pie flour or cornstarch?

Yes. I have had problems when trying to use old corn starch as a thickener.

Can you substitute corn starch for soluble starch?

Corn starch is a souluble starch.

What is the differences between corn starch and wheat starch?

what is the difference between barley starch and corn starch

Does corn bread contain starch?

Yes! corn bread does contain starch becaus the corn (kernel ) which makes the corn bread contains starch.

What can you use for a sustitution for corn starch?

I use Wondra flour ..which is a very fine flour that works just as fast as corn starch...or if that is not around I just make a roue with flour and butter

Why is corn starch a ionic compound?

It isn't. Corn starch is covalent.

Can I use corn starch instead of starch syrup for a sponge cake?

No you cannot constarch is for u to use for ur icing

What is difference between wet corn starch and dry corn starch?

Corn starch can be used in food, like to thicken gravy. Laundry starch has chemicals added.