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increase height or increase weight

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If you increase the mass of an object, the potential energy will increase.

We can increase the potential energy of an object by applying more energy on it

As we increase the altitude of the ball the potential energy increases.

Temperature is directly proportional to kinetic energy (potential energy).eg. increase the temperature, you increase the kinetic energy of the molecules, hence you're increasing the potential energy of them.

kinetic energy is increase by heat

Increase in potential energy = weight x increase in height

Potential Energy depends on mass and height to increase(: Hope that helps.MassHeight

On Earth, Gravitational Potential Energy (GPE) would increase with an increasing altitude.

Potential energy is vague, which consists of gravitational potential energy, chemical potential energy , etc. How to increase Gravtiational potential energy? Gravitational energy = mass x gravity constant x height looking at the equation, by increasing the height or increasing the mass. Chemical potential energy is basically stored energy, increasing the mass of the stored energy.

Increased mass and/or height increase potential energy.

As the kinetic energy of an object increases, its potential energy decreases.

For example, in the case of gravitational potential energy, the formula is PE = mgh (the product of mass, gravity, height). Increase any of the three, and potential energy will increase.

The higher the diving board, the more increase of potential energy.

If he climbs up the stairs, his potential energy will increase.

One can move the object in the negative direction of a gravitational force to increase its gravitational potential energy.If the object is elastic, you can deform the object under tension or compression (stress) to increase its elastic potential energy.If the object holds a magnetic charge you can increase its electrodynamic potential energy by subjecting it to a stronger magnetic field.If the object holds a static charge, one can increase the amount of charged electric particles (static) to increase electrostatic potential energy, also known as electric potential.One can heat an object to increase its thermal potential energy.One can slow an object down to increase it's rest mass energy (also potential)One can introduce charged leptons or down-type quarks into an atom, which by emitting W and Z bosons can increase the weak forces, which will increase nuclear potential forces of an atom (bit of a stretch)

Potential energy is the energy required to move something against a conservative force - or to keep it there. To increase potential energy, you have to push something against a conservative force. For instance, in the case of gravitational potential energy, push something up.

No. Its potential energy does decrease.

When the ball falls down, the potential energy decreases (potential energy is greater at a greater height), but the kinetic energy (energy due to movement) will increase.

if the body is moving upward its potential energy would decrease as its kinetic energy would increase

Gravitational potential energy is equal to weight x height; this is equal to mass x gravity x height. Increase any of these three quantities, and you have more potential energy.

We can increase the electric potential energy by increasing the voltage through power supply.

the potential energy of an object does not have any relation with the temperature, the height of the object is the main factor effecting the potential energy.

There are different types of energy. You can increase the gravitational potential energy by raising the object. You can increase its thermal energy by heating it up.

Its Potential decreases because it is giving energy to the kinetic energy from the geravity and it has a field of force

If it is moved upward, it's potential energy will increase. If it is moved lower, then it's potential energy will decrease.