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The Garmin SatNav is a GPS device which one can use for navigation when driving. It comes equipped with Bluetooth technology, preloaded street maps and multimode, so it can also be used to walk, boat, or bike.

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Q: What can one do with the Garmin SatNav?
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Where can one purchase a used Satnav TomTom?

The easiest place to find a used Satnav TomTom is on eBay. eBay provides various used items for sale by human people, and can also provide the Satnav TomTom.

Where can one find Garmin voices?

The place to start would be the Garmin web site which has the Garmin voices available. The Garmin forum will also have information on Garmin voices available.

Where does Garmin sell their maps?

One can only buy Garmin maps directly from Garmin itself. One can buy Garmin GPS's at major retailers such as Best Buy, Target, and Walmart, but maps and updates have to be purchased online through Garmin.

Can you pair your gps garmin with another garmin?

No, you can't pair garmin GPS with another one, but you can pair your garmin to a cell phone using blue tooth. There are also other devices to which one can pair a garmin GPS.

Does the garmin handheld gps have the same search features as the regular one?

The handhelp Garmin gives you the same features as the original Garmin and more. Some of the handheld one's have integrated cameras which is not available in the original Garmin.

Where can one find a list of shops of Garmin in the USA?

One can visit the official Garmin website and visit the "Dealer Locator" webpage. On this page, one can find places that sell Garmin products in the USA.

Where can one purchase a Satnav GPS?

There are an array of online and high street stores that customers can purchase Satnav GPS from. Some of these sites and high street stores are Tescos, Amazon, Halfords and Argos.

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