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Q: What can scientist find out when they look at fossils?
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How did scientists find out about dinosaurs?

scientist found out about the bones and named them by what they look like.

Why do scientist find relative dating easy?

because it is easier to find the age of fossils

Where do scientist find clues about past climate conditions?

rocks an fossils

What evidence do scientists find in fossils and living things?

Scientist find evidence about common ancestors.

How do scientists date fossils and artifacts?

Dating fossils and artifacts are easy. Scientist can look and tell how old the fossils by how many layers is under it.

Why can't scientist be sure what animals look like from their fossils?

Because they weren't alive when the animal was

Why do you get fossils?

In D/P/P, you can find fossils in the Underground. In FR/LG, you can choose from two fossils, after defeating a Scientist Trainer, close to the exit of Mt. Moon? (Or something like that.)

How did the scientist find the ancestor of plants?

by comparing fossils and using carbon dating to see how old they were

Were must a scientist look to find DNA?

To find DNA a scientist must look inside a cell's nucleus.

What scientist studies dinosouras and fosssils?

scientist who study fossils

What scientist sudies dinosaurs and fossils?

Palaeontologists study fossils and dinosaurs.

How do scientist name fossils?

with a brain.