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Scientist measure when light rays are emitted by a moving source the speed of light. Depending on the moving force they can also measure bending light.

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Q: What can scientist measure when light rays are emmitted by a moving source?
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When light waves are emitted by a moving source scientists can measure?

When light waves are emitted by moving source scientists can measure the Doppler effects. It is a source of energy that produces light.

The Doppler Effect is a phenomenon that allows one to measure an object's?

The doppler effect is the change in frequency of a wave for an observer moving relative to the source of the wave. You can measure the location and velocity of a locomotive moving towards or away from your. You can measure a star's location and velocity vector regarding the shift and color emanating from the star light. This is calculated via doppler light equations.

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How is the red shift different than the blue shift?

Radiation from a source moving away from the observer is red-shifted. Radiation from a source moving towards the observer is blue-shifted.

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