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Teachers can help stop child abuse by:

  1. Noticing troubled children
  2. Encouraging the child to trust you
  3. Report suspected abuse
  4. Be supportive and encouraging for the child at school
  5. Don't treat an abused child as if "different"
  6. Become a child court advocate
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Q: What can teachers do to protect children from child abuse?
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How can the government protect child?

There are laws that prohibit child abuse or any mistreatment towards any child. However, the government cannot directly protect children.

What if teachers suspect child abuse?

If you abuse your child, then your in serious trouble, if you don't, then you don't have to worry.

Is kicking your children child abuse?

yes because if you cause an harm to your child its counted as child abuse

Do teachers use child abuse on their students?

In Victorian times, yes, they did. But ever since child movements it is illegal to abuse children in school. I am just wondering, why are you asking this? If any teacher you know is doing otherwise, I would contact police.

Why is child abuse a social problem?

it is a problem because it keeps on going because when they child being abused has children there is a possibility that they will abuse there children

What is The philosophy that justifies state intervention in the lives of children when their parents are unable or unwilling to protect them?

When parents don't provide or protect their children this is child abuse and the state has the duty to make sure the children are taken care of because they are unable to do so themselves. Since the early 1900's society has felt that the care of children is vital and important duty even though child abuse laws were not written until the 1960's.

How many children in the world suffer from child abuse every day?

about 4 children die every day due to child abuse or neglect

How many children get abused everyday in the world?

A lot about 4 children die everyday because of child abuse. Child abuse is a terrible thing.

How many kids get killed by child abuse?

four children die everyday due to child abuse or neglect.

What are some websites that are helping the fight against child abuse?

Some websites helping the fight against child abuse include Safe Network, Prevent Child Abuse, Child Abuse, Young Minds, Parents Protect, Stop if Now UK, and Child Help.

What are the duties of a child abuse medical doctor?

That's not a specialty. Any doctor has to report what might be abuse. They are obligated like teachers.

What is the definition of a child centered society?

A child centered society consists of laws to protect children. For example, laws are in place to protect against child abuse & child labour. These societies often have better healthcare and higher living standards, which enable babies to survive through infancy and grow into adults.