What can the apple pen do?

Updated: 9/26/2023
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Q: What can the apple pen do?
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Why you-pen is the next invention of apple inc?

It is not

What should be the next invention of apple inc.?


Why you pen is the next invention of apple inc?

cuz the stoopid.

What are the release dates for Apple's Way - 1974 The Pen Pal 1-10?

Apple's Way - 1974 The Pen Pal 1-10 was released on: USA: 28 April 1974

Who invented the first tablet?

the first tablet was made by apple in 2009 when they had touch screen pen righting

Piece of paper is an object or not?

Yes a piece of paper is an object same as a pen or an apple or a dog are objects.

What type of pen does the ipad2 use?

The iPad, including every other touchscreen products made by apple, use a certain type of small, rubber tipped pen. These are sold by many mobile accessory companies in technology stores such as JB:HIFI, Dick Smith and the Apple store.

Is the Apple Pencil for the iPad Pro workable on an iPhone too?

No, I have both and the charger on the pen doesn't fit into the phone charger.

What is the trick behind the pen riddle where someone holds a pen different ways and says 'if this is a pen and this is a pen and this is a pen' then is this a pen?

You have to LISTEN carefully. When they say ''If this is a pen, is this a pen", say yes. When they say "Is this a pen?", say no. Then they are going to ask, "But if this is a pen is this a pen?", then you say yes. The 'trick' is that you have to LISTEN carefully. 'If' is the key word.

Can you use your iPad pen for your iPod 5?

Yes as a matter of fact you can! Touch screen pens for Apple devices caan be used of any Apple device because they all use the same kind of touch screen resignation. Thanks for using!

How do you spell pen in German?

pen = Kugelschreiber pen = Kuli pen = Stift

When did Pen Pen TriIcelon happen?

Pen Pen TriIcelon happened in 1998.