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It could be a yeast infection. Read some of the related links below for more information.

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Q: What can thick bitter discharge indicate if you are sexually inactive and past puberty?
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Why do you need puberty?

Puberty lets the body sexually mature.

What is the condition of becoming sexually mature?

Puberty is the time in which adolescents become sexually mature. Pubescence is the term meaning the time when puberty starts.

Why am I getting large amounts of discharge Im not pregnant im not in puberty yet?

if you're getting discharge you're oviouslys in puberty, mcfarland!

What is the function of female puberty?

The function of both male and female puberty is to sexually mature

Can boys get discharge from their nipples during puberty?


What does puberty and maturation lead to?

During puberty the body becomes sexually mature. This means that after puberty, the person is capable of reproduction.

Why do I get Discharge when my breasts are very little developed?

Discharge is linked to puberty and not breast size. Discharge is what cleans the vagina.

What happen to girls before puberty?

Before Puberty, girls grow as children. They do not develop sexually until Puberty and hormones start.

Is it normal to have viginal discharge but not your period?

Yes, it's normal to have vaginal discharge but not your period. Discharge starts as you enter puberty and continues throughout your life, typically menarche comes within four years of starting puberty.

How long do you get vaginal discharge for before you get your period?

Vaginal discharge starts as you enter puberty, there is no way of telling when your period will start by when you started to get discharge. The most that can be said is that menstruation normally starts within four years of starting puberty.

A condition of first being capable of reproducing sexually?


What does it mean if you have a white discharge all of the time?

It is normal for most females to have a discharge from puberty through and after menopause.