What can you do at the age of 18?

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you can do most things you want, as long it is legal. ANTHING at 21+.
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Can you get emancipated after age 18 in Indiana?

Answer . 1. the legal age is 18, so there is no need to get emancipated after you are able to leave with your parents permission.It would be just a waste of time to file for it.. 2. Actually If you are under the age of 24 and are going to school you still aren't considered an "independent". Mean ( Full Answer )

Should the driving age be 18?

No. People might argue that there are less accidents the older you are. But this is because the older you are, the longer you've been driving. If the driving age is changed to 18, then it is most likely that 18 year olds will drive like 16 year olds, and 19 year olds like 17 year olds and so on. You ( Full Answer )

What determines how tall you will be at age 18?

Answer . Genetics determines what height you will be at 18. Genes are sneaky so if your parents are fairly short you could well be what they call a 'throwback' to a grandfather (if you are male) who may have been 6 feet or over. My husband is one of five children in his family and not one of his ( Full Answer )

When was the voting age lowered to 18?

On July 7, 1971, the voting age became 18 when the 26th amendment to the US constitution was certified as having been ratified.

Why can you go to war at age 18?

In Western culture, the age of 18 has long been held as the age of adulthood, being legally responsible for your own actions, and picking up the obligations of the society. With that (today) comes the right to vote, and the right/obligation to serve in the military.

What is legal at age 18?

Pretty much anything that was legal when you were a minor. You can drive with other people in the car and youre not subject to a curfew. :)

Why the voting age is 18?

The voting age used to be 21. but the government changed it to 18 during the Vietnam war because many 18 - 20 year olds were sent into the war to fight, and it was only fair that they got a say in the next leader of their country since they were serving their country (the USA)

14 and 18. can these ages date?

Not a problem after the 14 year old become 18 and the 18 year reach the age of 22. Actually, They can date right now if they don't "touch," each other

Can i become a singer at age 18?

yes of course you can if you have the talent. if you don't kow how to go about it you can do one of three things 1 get in touch with a recording studios/ agent or someone in the music biz 2 post some videos onto youtube or myspace 3 enter a talent show such as American idol or the x factor good luck ( Full Answer )

What do you need to get married at age 18?

You need a number of things: 1. Both you and your boyfriend have to be both 18 and high schoolgraduates, and your boyfriend has to have the patience to waituntil then. If he doesn't, dump him! 2. You and your boyfriend need to have enough maturity to handlethe stress married couples have to deal w ( Full Answer )

Flying under the age of 18?

The rules for children under the age of 18 to fly alone or withsupervision varies between airlines. Children under the age of 18are not required to have an ID, just their boarding passes.

Can you get pregnant at age 18?

yes you can you can get pregnant at pretty much any age now... the less sex the higher sperm count so do it and do it often...

What can you do at age 18?

You can do most things that an adult can do. But you are NOT responsible for your actions and your debts until you turn twenty-one.

Can a boy of age 18 marry a girl of age 18?

Assuming u r talking about the united States - Yes, of course; why not? Both are of consenting age, period. Just keep in mind that the Homo sapien brain does not mature until around age 25, so what u think now is not what you will think is important at age 25.

Why is the Voting Age 18?

The voting age is set to 18 since at that age, people are allowed to serve the country. If they are allowed to serve the country at that age, they should be allowed to vote.

Why voting age should be 18?

It was 21 but by the time of the Vietnam War people argued that if you could be in the armed service at 18, you should be able to vote at 18

Where is 18 legal gambling age?

There are several different states that offer a legal gambling age of 18 however it depends on which kind of gambling you are looking to do. The following states allow gambling at 18 for land based casino gaming; California Idaho Michigan Minnesota Montana New York Oklahoma Oregon Puerto Rico Rh ( Full Answer )

Can you be emancipated before age 18?

It depends upon the state that you live in. Only about half of them have emancipation statutes. Most require you to be at least 16 to apply if they allow it..

Is 18 a good age to be pregnant?

This is a debatable issue: at 18 you are in school and you have not yet fully grown. You need to get your education and live your life so that when you do have kids you will have had some experience in life and you will be ready to settle down to raise them. Another side of it is that you will still ( Full Answer )

Why is the age to vote 18?

The legal voting age in the United States is 18 because people below that age are considered not mature enough to be able to make political choices.

Can you be adopted if you are over the age of 18?

In the United States, it doesn't matter how old you are to be adopted. Some children are adopted when they are just newborns. In other countries, this may not be the same.

Is 18 a young age for a relationship?

No I am 12 and I am in a relationship it isn't like serious but at 18 people get married so you are definitely old enough

Is sex is good at the age of 18?

It should be if you do it right. You will find it gets better as you age and become more comfortable with it and yourself. Biggest thing to realize is that at 18 you can become a parent very easily and you are responsible for what you do. Male or female, it is your responsibility.

How do you move out if you are under the age of 18?

you can move out in Missouri at age 17 the parents have no say so over it you are a legal adult in Missouri at 17...i did it ..i have personal experience you don't have to wait until your 18 as long as your in Missouri

When was the age to vote lowered to 18?

On June 30, 1971, Ohio becomes the 38th state to ratify the 26th amendment to the U.S. Constitution - lowering the voting age to eighteen.

Cons for the driving age to 18?

There are many things you could say but I'll start off as it's a big part to teenagers to get their license. Many teenagers look forward to getting their license and it makes them feel closer to adulthood. Along with that, it's a part of growing up and getting more responsible. Taking driving away m ( Full Answer )

Can you adopt a baby at the age of 18?

Legally, yes, but: Well I would first ask myself "Would I be able to support a child and give he/she a stable and safe home?". When being considered for an adoptive parent the adoption agency would look into how well you can provide for the child, do you have a job? A home? Can you financially su ( Full Answer )

If your 18 can you date any age?

Yes, because dating has never been the subject of any laws. Sexual activity has specific laws that vary around the world. Being 18 means there isn't going to be an issue in any place in the world. Going below the age of 18 could be a real problem, it could even be criminal..

Is it bad to be a virgin at the age of 18?

Being a virgin at 18 isn't bad at all. For some, it's about waiting til the right person. For others, it's about not being comfortable with your body and there's other situations where it just doesn't happen. Whatever the case, It needs to be right for you. Don't rush into things cause that causes n ( Full Answer )

Is it normal to have hemorrhoids at age 18?

I don't know, quite frankly, but you're not alone here. I firstnoticed my hemorrhoid at work (which was NOT fun, considering thatI do a lot of heavy lifting throughout the day), which quicklyescalated to more severe pain as the day went on. I've since beenprescribed steroids, but... Unusual, imo, to ( Full Answer )

When in NY was the drinking age 18?

New York State raised its minimumdrinking age from 18 to 19 years in 1982 and raised it from 19 to21 years on December 1, 1985.

Can you get circumcised at the age of 18?

Yes, and you don't need parental consent! Yes you can be circumcised at any age however have a look at the related link below ( Medical Studies on Circumcision ) before you make a decision to have yourself done. after that you only have yourself to blame.

Can you get a cdl in Oklahoma at the age of 18?

You can obtain a CDL at the age of 18. However, you would be restricted to operating a commercial vehicle only within the boundaries of your home state (the state of issue), and you could not obtain an endorsement to haul hazardous materials. You must be 21 to do interstate transport in a CMV, and t ( Full Answer )

Why are they lowering the drinking age to 18?

They are not lowering the drinkingage to 18. The minimum purchase and drinking age is a state law.Each individual U.S. state establishes by law the minimum age atwhich an individual may purchase alcoholic beverages. The U.S.Government passed the National Minimum Drinking Age Act on July 17,1984. Thi ( Full Answer )

At age 18 are you considered an adult?

In most places, 18 is considered an adult. Each country or state sets its own laws regarding the age of majority. A few places have it set at 19 or even 21.

What age do you have to be to drive a 18 wheeler?

You can obtain a CDL at 18. However, this would only be valid in the state of issue, and you would not be permitted to operate a CMV outside of the state issuing the licence. In order to do interstate transport, you must be at least 21 years of age.

Why is airsoft for ages 18 and over?

Because in the US 18 is the legal age for being an adult. Seeing as how it would be easy to inflict pain with an airsoft gun, it needs to be regulated and kept out of the hands of younger people who may misuse them.

Where to gamble at age 18?

turtle creek casino near traverse city michigan soaring eagle casino northern michigan lelaneau shores casino northern michigan

Can you get growing pains at age 18?

yes, you can still have growing pains at the age of 18 because the body is not fully developed untill age 25, so you still have a while to go.

Why are you an adult at age 18 not age 16?

That is typically the age you complete high school. It means you are mature enough to make your own decisions and understand the consequences. It also means you have a basic education and should be able to function in society.

Is Apollo 18 the movie aged 18?

The number is the sequential number of the supposed secret last manned mission to the moon, from which the astronauts never returned. There is a good deal of credibility in the plot, though it occasionally sidles into Hardy Boys or Comic-book like subplots. Somewhat oddly, no love interest. The last ( Full Answer )

Why is Skyrim dawngaurd aged 18?

I am assuming you are referring to its esrb rating and if you are its because THE esrb rates thing mainly on what there is in the game for example skyrim has blood and fighting to it gets a mature rating or 18+ and dawngaurd is an expansion so it gets the same rating because its not a dlc about unic ( Full Answer )

Does circumcisions hurt at age 18?

Definitely The foreskin is a highly sensitive erogenous zone of the body with over 20.000 nerves in it to give you pleasure. cut them through and you end up with excruciating pain and a distinct loss of sexual pleasure as well as the eventual desensitising of the glans penis. Don't be silly, donut d ( Full Answer )