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This question could suggest that you have a very perceptive and intuitive mind that can recognize trends. You are able to perceive the direction a situation is taking and understand the logical outcome. However, you do not seem to recognize your own intellect and you are not aware of the thought process that leads you to "prophetic" conclusions.

The habit of daydreaming allows your mind to wander without being shut down nor criticized by your conscious mind. Perhaps someone has told you that you are stupid, or that you think too much or that you should mind your own business. It is even possible that your religious or family tradition is suspicious of reasoning but open to "spiritual" insight. For whatever reason, your mind has learned to shift your intuitive thought processes into a form of daydreaming instead of allowing you to be aware of those processes directly.

While this is unusual, it is not particularly problematic and there is nothing particularly spiritual or supernatural about it.

The question could suggest that you need medical help and have severe mental problems.

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Q: What can you do if you keep seeing the future in day dreams and it actually comes true and it is really annoying?
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