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What you can do is leave it in rice for a few days. It should absorb most of the water. You can't really do much else and I know from experience. If it isn't much water the iPod will still work but the back light may not.

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Q: What can you do if your iPod touch gets water in the usb port?
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Your ipod touch 8gb charger port not supplying power to your ipod touch what do you do?

restart your ipod touch

Can you plug in an iPod touch in to a computer?

Yes, you can connect an iPod Touch to a computer. Every iPod Touch comes with a cable, and that cable plugs into the bottom of the iPod Touch and the USB 2.0 port in your computer.

What does it mean when you a USB port apears on your ipod touch screen?

It means you have to plug your USB port into the computer that is also plugged into your ipod. The USB port should go away after this and you can work you ipod.

ITunes wont let me restore my iPod touch but i can't do anything until it gets restored. I tried doing what Apple said but it diddn't work. What do I do?

Maybe if you change the USB port, it might work. to restore, an ipod needs a 2.0 USB port. So try that. Also, have you reset your ipod?

How do you charge a new ipod touch battery?

Plug into usb port

Does a Ipod touch have a USB port in it?

it has a seprate conector that you plug into it for dat

Do a eReader charger work on a iPod touch?

It could as long as it has the same voltage as the regular iPod charger and fits in the iPod port

How can you get videos on the IPod touch fourth generation?

plug it up in a usb port on the computer and download the video to the ipod

How do you put a DVD onto your ipod touch?

Keep folding the disk until it fits into the usb port at the bottom of the ipod.

How do you charge the ipod touch 32gb 3rd generation up?

Take the iPod Touch to USB cable that came with it, plug one end into your iPod and the other into the USB port on your computer. It must be on in order for it to charge.

Can you use iPhone wall charger adaptor with iPhone touch?

Yes. the iPhone charger is compatible with iPod touch. they have same port.

Can an iphone cable be used with an ipod touch?

Of course. i think it is compatible, as they use same port.