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If you have not taken this degree yet, then I would suggest you give much thought. Today, competition is keen within the business area. An associates degree in business is really not going to be enough to secure higher level positions. Most individuals who pursue a degree in business focus on The Bachelor's degree. Many who have a bachelor's degree go on to pursue a master's degree. The first thing you should do is acquire a vision of exactly what you want to do in business. Once you acquire that vision, you can then research the requirements for that specific occupation. Many higher level positions in business today require the minimum of a bachelor's degree. You would be better off taking a transfer program in business (AA or AS) at the associate degree level, then transfer to a four year institution for the bachelor's degree at a later date. Unless the community college a special articulation agreement with some four year colleges and/or universities the AAS does not transfer well at all, and you will lose many credits.

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A bachelor's degree in applied science can open up career opportunities in a variety of industries such as high-tech, biopharmaceutical, healthcare, or services depending on your area of interest and specialization. Many combine a degree in applied science with a business program to enhance their employment opportunities. Such students find high profile jobs in management, marketing, finance, accounting, human resources, etc. If you are interested in a natural and applied sciences career, then check out the degree programs offered in the field by Bentley University. It is one of the leading universities in America located at a plush campus in Waltham, just minutes away from Boston.

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The propensity to be promoted to assistant manager of Arbys increases 3-fold if you have an AS.

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Q: What can you do with an Associate in Science degree?
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Is the correct spelling Associate in Applied Science degree or Associate's in Applied Science degree?

Associate of Applied Science Degree

Associate's degree in science is?

"Associates degree of Applied Science"

Is it a associate of science degree?

It is an Associate in Arts or Associate in Science Degree. It may be shortened to Associate Degree, but one who earns it is an Associate. Therefore, it may be shortened to Associate's Degree. (Based on a Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary of 1967, entry for Bachelor. Associate was not a degree at the time, at least not according to that dictionary.)

What is the difference between an associate in science and associate of science degree?

nothing, one just say a degree that's all.

How do you abbreviate associate's degree?

Abbreviations for Associate's DegreeAssociate's degrees can be abbreviated several ways: A.A. - Associate of ArtsA.S. - Associate of ScienceA.A.S. - Associate of Applied Science

What is the abbreviation for associate's degree on finacial accounting?

It depends on where you took the degree, and the type. Most associates degree are not very specific. They are either an associate of arts (AA), associate in science (AS), or an associate in applied science (AAS).

What is better An associate degree in web design or a bachelors degree in computer science?

associate degree in web design

Why does a degree say AA and AS?

AA is Associate of Arts; AS is Associate of Science.

What are the initials for a person graduating with an associate's degree in criminal justice?

It depends on the type of degree. the three most common are as follows. * Associate of Arts (AA) * Associate in Science (AS) * Associate of Applied Science (AAS)

What does AAA nursing mean?

It is an associate or arts degree. However, The degree type for nursing is typically an associate in science degree.

What levels of college degrees are there?

Typically, there are four levels of college degrees. They are:AssociatesBachelorsMastersDoctorate (highest level of academic attainment)

What does aos degree stands for?

Associate of Occupational Science.