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What can you eat before you get your wisdom teeth pulled?


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What to Eat Before you get Wisdom Teeth Pulled:

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  • It depends on the type of anesthetic as to if you can eat BEFORE or not. If you're being 'put under' - aka, general anesthetic, then you can't eat - as correctly defined below. However, if you're just being sedated, you can eat right up until the surgery, as long as you brush beforehand so you have a clean mouth for the removal. If you're only getting novacaine, then there's not problem at all. If you're getting a combination sedated removal - ie, taking Valium an hour before hand, novacaine and 'laughing gas' during the procedure - then you can eat, but just a light breakfast & lunch. Don't go out and have a huge bowl of pasta right before. This is solely because the sedating drugs have a high tendency to cause nausea. However, if you're having a general anesthetic, it is a heath risk with a slight chance of death if you eat close to the procedure. But, if you were getting a general you'd know, because you also can't wear nail polish, take aspirin, etc.
  • foods that are easily digested such as ice cream, popsicles, yogurt etc. anything liquid or smooth. nothing hard or to solid
  • You can not eat anything for 6 hours. I just had mine pulled today. So, I would know. You do not eat anything for 6 hours because the anesthetics could make you throw up. Trust me. That's what the RN said, And I had mine pulled today.
  • I do not agree at all with the bottom answer.
  • Anytime you have to go through local anesthetics, you have to eat something before your appointment or you might have a vaso-vagual shock and pass out.
  • If you are having any type of anesthetic then you shouldn't eat anything after 8 PM. Sometimes an Orthodontist will use "Twilight Sleep" aka: Valium drip to put you out on a semi-basis, but you feel no pain. I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth taken out by straight freezing. If you are just getting freezing you can eat what you like, but if your wisdom teeth are aching or making your gums sore then stick with soft foods.
  • Sorry, but my answer re not eating is correct. My sister-in-law had her teeth pulled re anesthetic and was not to eat because it can make a person violently ill not to mention inhaling foods into the lungs. Her doctor's and dentist's orders.
  • According to my dentist you shouldn't eat after a local anaesthetic because you may bite your tongue or injure the wound becaise you can't feel it.