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What can you eat before you get your wisdom teeth pulled?

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What to Eat Before you get Wisdom Teeth Pulled:
  • In regard to the answer below:
  • It depends on the type of anesthetic as to if you can eat BEFORE or not. If you're being 'put under' - aka, general anesthetic, then you can't eat - as correctly defined below. However, if you're just being sedated, you can eat right up until the surgery, as long as you brush beforehand so you have a clean mouth for the removal. If you're only getting novacaine, then there's not problem at all. If you're getting a combination sedated removal - ie, taking Valium an hour before hand, novacaine and 'laughing gas' during the procedure - then you can eat, but just a light breakfast & lunch. Don't go out and have a huge bowl of pasta right before. This is solely because the sedating drugs have a high tendency to cause nausea. However, if you're having a general anesthetic, it is a heath risk with a slight chance of death if you eat close to the procedure. But, if you were getting a general you'd know, because you also can't wear nail polish, take aspirin, etc.
  • foods that are easily digested such as ice cream, popsicles, yogurt etc. anything liquid or smooth. nothing hard or to solid
  • You can not eat anything for 6 hours. I just had mine pulled today. So, I would know. You do not eat anything for 6 hours because the anesthetics could make you throw up. Trust me. That's what the RN said, And I had mine pulled today.
  • I do not agree at all with the bottom answer.
  • Anytime you have to go through local anesthetics, you have to eat something before your appointment or you might have a vaso-vagual shock and pass out.
  • If you are having any type of anesthetic then you shouldn't eat anything after 8 PM. Sometimes an Orthodontist will use "Twilight Sleep" aka: Valium drip to put you out on a semi-basis, but you feel no pain. I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth taken out by straight freezing. If you are just getting freezing you can eat what you like, but if your wisdom teeth are aching or making your gums sore then stick with soft foods.
  • Sorry, but my answer re not eating is correct. My sister-in-law had her teeth pulled re anesthetic and was not to eat because it can make a person violently ill not to mention inhaling foods into the lungs. Her doctor's and dentist's orders.
  • According to my dentist you shouldn't eat after a local anaesthetic because you may bite your tongue or injure the wound becaise you can't feel it.
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What foods to eat after wisdom teeth pulled?

Anything soft

Can you eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches after you get your wisdom teeth pulled?


Can you eat a pizza three days after getting your wisdom teeth pulled?


What is okay to eat after you get your wisdom teeth pulled?

yes but only really soft foods

Can you eat before you have your wisdom teeth?

yes i believe

Does the gauze have to be out before you can eat after wisdom teeth are pulled?

It would be better if you took them out before you eat because then the food particles could get caught in the gauze and that could cause an infection because they aren't clean.

What happens if you eat before your wisdom teeth are pulled?

I was told not to eat 6 hours before surgery or else the anesthesia might make you puke up anything you ate or drank within those 6 hours.

Had all 4 wisdom teeth pulled July 26 2012 today is Saturday how long before you can eat real food again?

about 7 days later

Can one eat lasagna after having wisdom teeth pulled?

sure thing! just put it in the blender first.

Can you eat pasta when all 4 wisdom teeth are pulled?

yes you can since pasta isn't a hard food!!

How many days after getting wisdom teeth pulled can you eat spicy food?

Ask your dentist he/she will know when it is the right time to eat spicy food.

Should you eat beFore you have a tooth pulled?

Its okay to eat, but its best to not eat. and if you eat, make sure you clean your teeth

What types of food can you eat after wisdom teeth are pulled?

Good question! I just got mine pulled out a hour ago my dentist said you can eat yogurt ice cream smoothies, ANYTHING SOFT!

When can you eat after wisdom teeth are pulled?

The day after you get your wisdom teeth pulled your best bet is to drink a smoothie or a milkshake if your taking pain killers for the pain. It is not wise to take the pain killers by them self, and can cause vomiting. The cold of the milkshake/smoothie helps to sooth the and puts food in your stomach.

What to eat after you have your wisdom teeth pulled?

you can eat alot of diffrent things like shrimp or french fries but cut them up into small pieces and squish them with your thumb.

Can you smoke marijuana before getting four impacted wisdom teeth pulled?

Technically you are not supposed to eat/drink anything the morning or night before getting them removed. I would avoid smoking the night before (and morning) and ESPECIALLY do NOT smoke weed after the surgery. Any type of sucking (like sucking on straws) could remove the protective barrier on your teeth after surgery and can result in serious and painful infections.So, avoid smoking 4-8days afterSource: Experience from getting Wisdom teeth pulled at 13

Why do you need wisdom teeth for?

to eat

When can you eat after getting your wisdom teeth out?

No, because your teeth will hurt

What can you eat when your wisdom teeth are growing in?

When the wisdom teeth are growing in... You can pretty much eat everything like normal. There are some things, however, such as nuts that may get stuck in the teeth.

Can you eat dairy after having your wisdom teeth out?

Oh yes!! Ice cream is your friend when you have your teeth pulled out! You need to have cold foods like ice cream and popcicles and yogurt and stuff like that.

How long do you have to wait to eat after getting your wisdom teeth pulled?

You can eat the same day, chosing soft foods, preferably not too warm. A few days after the surgery you should be able to eat normally.

I'm getting my teeth pulled today at 3pm they told me not to eat anything after 12 am I was kinda thirsty and had something to drink at 1245 pm can I still get my teeth pulled at 3pm?

You can eat & drink, the dentist always says that. i got my a couple teeth pulled, and i ate about 2 hrs before that. So you should be ok!

How much weight can be lost from wisdom teeth removal?

Removing wisdom teeth has nothing to do with weight loss. The lack of eating would. You can still eat without your wisdom teeth or any teeth for that matter.

What can't I eat after having wisdom teeth removed?

You can eat after having your wisdom teeth removed, but you should eat food that aren't crunchy, such as mashed potatoes, pudding, and milkshakes.

What can you eat after teeth pulled?

applesause and smoothies