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What can you make with A4 paper glue scissors and pencils?

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A nice, colored in and glued together paper airplane. Or a nice design or drawing.

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What kind of supplies do you need to make a poster?

Paper, pens, pencils, scissors if they are necessary and well you can have loads of things like: paint, sugar paper, glue and pelt-tips

What Materials do you need to make a Dolphin Diorama?

to make a Dolphin Diorama you will need...a boxpapercolor pencilsscissorsgluecardboardpainttypeand toy Dolphin's

How do you make a sentence bat?

glue, scissors, paper and felt tipsss

How do you make a wearable halo suit?

Some paper, Scissors and alot of glue, good luck!

What is an easy way to make a wand?

supplies: square piece of paper 2 same colored pencils {long} glue tape method: Take your squared piece of paper and roll it up.then leave a bit unrolled,and glue it. Then take your pencils and insert them into the wand but not fully.After that tape the pencils on.[tip:if the glue isn't strong enough tape the paper flap on .

What recyclable stuff can you make pencils out of?

I've seen pencils made from recycled paper, rolled round and round the graphite, probably with some glue added.

How can i make a real mimi tornado model?

get some paper,glue stick,and Scissors cut the paper,then stick them together so you make a real mini tornado.

How do you make a paper heart?

What you need: -Paper -scissors -marker,crayons,and/or colored pencils(optional) How to make: 1.Fold paper in half 2.Cut half of a heart 3.Unfold 4.Decorate Your done!

How do you make a unicorn out of paper?

You could make it by getting a piece of construction or printer paper. First, you want to have scissors, glue, and the paper. Cut out a horn. Then a head, a tail, legs, a body, and if youwant, wings. Thenjust glue them all together! Or you could just, type in on Google, unicorn body parts cutouts. Then, cut it out and glue it together, or look up, how to make a unicorn out of paper.

How can you make a rock paper scissors costume for 3 people?

Have the person who is going to dress up as rock in a trash bag. Stuff the trash bag with newspaper and spray paint it gray. Get a sandwich board for the person with paper and make it look like a Piece of paper. and scissors just cut out a large pair of scissors and tape or Velcro or even glue them to your shirt.

How do you make a strong paper bridge?

You can't really make a strong paper bridge. Unless you use poster paper or very thick, but flexible paper. If you do, this is how: 1.Get paper, pencils, scissors, and glue/ tape 2.Cut a circle - which is hollow. Cut the circle in half. 3. cut along rectangle about as long as the width on the half circle. 4. Glue/Tape the half circle with the rectangle in the middle of the half circle "rounded" 5 Repeat procedure 4 with the other side of the long rectangle and the other half circle.

How do you win rock-paper-scissors?

To win you have to make the winning thing with your hands, scissors beats paper, paper beats rock and rock beats scissors. For tips on how to win, go to: www.flowingdata.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/rock-paper-scissors-550x1253.gif

How do you make a spinning wrestling belt?

To make a spinning belt,you need: toy wwe championship belt(you can get these at wal-mart for $15.00) paper scissors markers,crayons,colored pencils a design on what it is gonna look like blank disc glue 1.Make a design of what it is gonna look like on paper. 2.Cut the design out and glue blank disc.Let it dry. 3.After the glued on design is dry,color the design with markers,crayons,or colored pencils. 4.You have the part that will spin. 5.Glue the spinning part into the the center of the toy belt.Let dry. 6.You finished the main plate. 7.To make the side plates,cut out a piece of paper the shape of the side plates on the toy belt. 8.Draw a design on both side plates with markers,crayons,or colored pencils. 9.Glue on the side plates that are on the belt.Let dry. 10.You're done with the belt.You could also decorate the border around the spinner.

What do they make out of the used paper?

One very smart thing they make out of recycled paper is pencils.

How do you make paper flowers?

To begin all you really need is some paper, glue, and scissors. The floral tape and stem wire are optional. You can make your own stems out of things around the house or by rolling paper. The floral tape will help in adding completed flowers together to make bunches.

How do you make a 3d model of a pH scale for kids?

Making a 3D model of a pH scale for kids is fun and exciting. You will need pattern printouts, scissors, glue and crayons. Then you want to glue the printouts on paper and have the kids crayon them.

Which glue is used to Make Paper Mache Paste?

I use white glue to make a very strong and rigid paper mache.

What are the rules of rock paper scissors?

The basic rules of rock paper scissors state that paper beats rock, rock beats scissors, and scissors beats paper. If both players make the same choice, then it is a tie. Games are played to a predetermined score (or until the players get bored).

Why does glue make your paper curl?

Because the glue is a central force, and the rest of the paper bends towards the center.

How do you make a shoebox house?

You will need: 1 shoe box1 Glue stick50 Sheets of paper1 Pair of scissors1 Pencil or penWhat to do1.On one of your

How do you make a WWE figure ladder?

yu will just need foer pencils ten tootpics glue gun or glue foil and etc

Why do you cut trees?

to make paper , pencils , furniture etc......

How do you make paper mache glue with Elmer's glue and water?

Rip up paper into small pieces, soak in the water and stir it, then add the white glue.

How can you make a Indian Diwali lantern made of waste materials?

You can make a Indian Diwali lantern using the following materials; 3 sheets of kite paper, waste card board, glue, scissors, and pieces of golden or silver shiny gift wrapping paper.

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