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Just chocolate - there is nothing else to recycle.

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Q: What can you recycle from a block of chocolate?
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Do they recycle old chocolate bars to make Easter eggs?


How much chocolate does an average Australian eat a year?

All the normal types:milk chocolate, dark chocolate,white chocolate,bakers chocolate

What is the use of ''also'' in the sentence?

Also in a sentence means "toond a block of chocolate also." or "as well". For example, I shall buy the milk, the cheese, the eggs, and a block of chocolate also.

The melting point of a block of choclate?

Chocolate is a mixture and therefore doesn't have a well defined melting point. The temperature at which any given block of chocolate melts depends upon its composition.

How to shave chocolate to put on top of cake?

Use chocolate that is in a block form. You can use a melon baller, vegetable peeler or spoon to shave chocolate.

What is a long flat block of something hard like chocolate?


Can you freeze chocolate milk in paper milk container?

No, you cannot freeze chocolate milk to make chocolate. The chocolate syrup and the milk are just being blended together and frozen into a block of chocolate milk. You can't derive the chocolate from the milk, either, so it is impossible.

How much of chocolate bakers bock do you use if the recipe calls for 1 cup of chocolate chips?

You would need 8/10 of a 1/4 pound chocolate block to = 1 cup of chocolate chips

What are the release dates for Check It Out - 1985 A Chocolate Chip Off the Old Block 2-7?

Check It Out - 1985 A Chocolate Chip Off the Old Block 2-7 was released on: USA: 14 November 1986

Can one tiny piece of chocolate hurt your hamster?

possibly yes , chocolate is bad for any animal your animal wouldnt die if it was a crumb of chocolate but if it was a lill block of chocolate ghen yes ur hamster could die .

A chocolate Easter egg weighs 180 and costs 2.80 A block of chocolate weighs 250 grams and costs 3.20 Which gives you more chocolate for your money?

250 grams and costs 3.20

Jay has two different sized chocolate blocks. Each block has one quarter of its pieces in the middle. Draw both chocolate blocks.?