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A man falls in love with a woman because of the way he feels when he is with her. The same is true for a woman. She falls in love with a man because of the way she feels about herself when she is with him.... Answer You cannot say anything about her, except that she had achieved her goal. Hopefully she is in love with the man herself, and not just after something; say his money, home or good name.

If she is therefore honest in her intentions then she has achieved her desire. It is not hard to fall in love with a woman, for they are such wonderful creatures. Men are putty in their hands, and the worst part about it is they cannot do a darn thing about it.

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Intention is impossible to know for certain without looking in someone's brain. Assuming there is a foundation of trust, love can and does just happen. It sounds like possessive love if this is the case. Generally wisdom is that people who need love are insecure, but love is really a choice to explore fondness and caring, the physical is not a big deal and less important in the long-run. It's hard to know. Another Answer Love is not a respecter of gender. Rather it has to do with feeliongs and intention. Love is built on 5 basic foundations namely: 1, Trust. 2, Truth. 3, Confidence. 4, Honesty. 5, Loyality. so if a woman possesses all of these there is nothing bad with her falling in love with a man.

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What makes woman fall in love with man?

they want a good looking guy but who is also a gentleman.

What makes a man to fall in love?

They want you all over them and to love them

Do single man fall in love with married woman?


Can two girls fall in love?

Yes, they can fall in love, just like two men or a man and a woman.

When does a man fall in love with a woman?

He could fall in love with her at first sight - When he finds her: pretty/hot/sexy. (:

Can a gay man fall in love with a straight?

Yes, it's possible, just like a straight man could fall in love with a lesbian woman.

Would a Pisces man fall in love with a married woman?

It does not matter what Astrological sign a person is; any many could fall in love with a married woman.

How a woman makes a man loves her?

You can't make a man love you. Love yourself and the right man will come to you.

What is an expansion bay?

it is when a man and a woman fall in love and you know the rest.

What makes a car go?

when a man and a woman make love

What makes a man consider a woman is overweight?

love handles

Can a gay man fall in love with a woman?

Definitely. Falling in love has nothing to do with sexual attraction.

What does it mean for a woman to surrender to her man?

I think it means give into love, as in fall deeply in love :)

How could a woman make a gay man fall in love with her?

She can possibly make him fall in love with her by being his friend, but she will never make him attracted to her.

What makes a man stay with a woman he does not love?

usually a child or a baby

Why do man keep cheating with same woman?

ANSWER:Could it be that he loves this woman even she isn't his wife? There are some married man who do fall in love with another woman, and the man I married was one of them.

Should a man even care about a woman feelings these days they always fall in love with the guy that does not care?

yes a man should always care for a woman's feelings, that is right that woman fall in love with man who dont seem to care for them but still man should respect woman's feelings...

Can a gay man love a woman?

Yes, the degree in which a gay man may love the woman may vary, but yes a gay man can love a woman just like any other person. I fell in love with a Woman and was about to propose, unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, depending on how you look at it) it didn't happen. I still loved her for years later and today still hold special feelings for her, in the long run it was better that I didn't marry her. Being a Gay Man doesn't mean you can't fall in love with the opposite sex, you can't "make" your heart fall in or out of love, it happens regardless. Though in all honesty it is less common for a Gay Man to fall in LOVE with a woman, but we still love those we love.

Do Men have ever fall in love with a woman with acne all over her face and some scaring?

A true man will fall in love with a woman for what is on the inside. No outward flaw could ever come between you.

Can woman fall in love with gay man?

Yes, it happens all the time. it only ends in heartache for the woman though.

Do married man fall in love again?

Do they? definitely. Will they fall in love with their wife again? his the only one that knows. Will he fall in love again because he met another woman that has the qualities his been looking for? absolutely. Most married man can easily fall in love with another woman because she have somethings that his wife never gave to him. And when it comes to intimacy he only know the style him and his wife do but with the other woman its a bit different. The excitement is different than what he have with his wife. So it is easy for a married to fall in love again...

Why man and woman get hurt when they fall in love?

because you find that when you fall in love you're both quite alike. this is normally the main cause to getting hurt.

What makes a women fall in love so fast?

what make s awoman fall a love so fast is the way the man talk and to her and that's why.

What makes a man fall in love?

the look of another person or another persons style.

Is it normal for a man in his fifties to fall in love with a woman in her twenties?

Not overly normal, but not so unheard of either.

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