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Q: What can you say for a metaphor using a box fan?
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What is a good metaphor using juice compared to something?

A metaphor compares two things. You could say "The juice was honey on her tongue." Or you could say "Juice is wine to me."

Is a metaphor a direct comparison?

Yes, that is exactly what it is, but you can also say that is is comparing something not using like or as

How can you use metaphor in a sentence?

I say the word ''metaphor.''

What is a metaphor for?

A metaphor is used for comparing two words without using like or asEX in stead of saying, "the girls hair was like a field of golden wheat." you would say, "the girls hair is a field of golden wheat."

What is a metaphor and how can you use them to make its dark a good sentence?

A metaphor is a figure of speech that compares two unlike things by saying one is the other. To make "dark" a good sentence using a metaphor, you could say something like "The darkness was a blanket wrapping me in solitude." This comparison creates a vivid image and adds depth to the description of darkness.

Why do people say easy as cake when something was easy?

Because they are using a common metaphor that compares a piece of cake and an easy task.

What does metaphor mean in language arts?

A metaphor is a way to compare things using the word "is". Simile's are not metaphors because similie's say something is LIKE another thing while metaphors are saying something IS something when it is not.

Is 'The lampshade was fudge' a metaphor?

no a metaphor uses the word 'is'.You can say :Fudge is a lampshade.

How do you say metaphor in Spanish?


What is the figure of speech for 'Their living room is a bowling alley'?

When you say, "Their living room is a bowling alley," you are using a metaphor. However, if they have children and the children have bowling pins, a ball, and use it as a place bowl, then it is not a metaphor, but simply a name.

Where is the fan relay on a 1995 Chevy cavalier z24?

If you mean cooling fan relay, its under the to the battery, its a small black box. look on the top of it and it will say cooling fan, its a small square shaped relay. hope that helps.

Is 'she's a treasure' a metaphor?

no it is not.A similie or metaphor has to have like or as in the senence.u could say shes like a treasure.