What can you see through a mirror?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Q: What can you see through a mirror?
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What is translucent mirror?

A mirror that you can see through just slightly

What is a transparent mirror?

A mirror that you can see through from one side.

Is lens the same as mirror?

a lens you can see through and a mirror reflects

It is made of glass but you can not see through it what is this?

a mirror

What can you look through but not see through?

A magazine article or a book!

Why mirror is opaque?

You cannot see through a mirror, you can see the reflection coming off.

Can you see Leonardo's notes?

Through a mirror's reflection

Can the passenger in the back seat see the eyes of the driver?

It is possible if there is a mirror in the car. If the driver can see your eyes through the mirror, then you can also see the eyes of the driver.

What is the difference between a mirror and regular glass?

You can see straight through regular glass but a mirror will show you your reflection.

Can you see through a mirror screen cover well?

i dont know! yes you can!

How do you answer your traped in a metal room and you only have a mirror?

You look in the mirror see what you saw get the saw cut the mirror in half 2 halfs make a hole jump through the hole.

What does mirroring mean?

mirror mean: when you look through it you can see a reflection of your self.