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What can you take to increase your libido?

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A low female libido can be caused by a number of factors, including stress, a lack of exercise, an unhealthy diet, certain medications and hormones. Antidepressants can lower your libido and make it difficult to even get aroused. Low libido can hurt your marriage, since sex plays a major part in any good relationship. Viagra for women is now on the market, but it can be too expensive for most people. Instead of spending money on prescribed medications, why not increase your libido the natural way by using herbs and supplements, eating the right kinds of foods and exercising? There are simple and inexpensive ways to increase a woman's libido without laying out a large sum of money for a prescription.


oysters and other aphrodisiac tings innit.

  • Try aromatherapy,candles, oil, incense with Ylang Ylang. It is a oil that helps!! Trust me!!
  • Physical exercises like jogging improves libido. Try it out..!!

Of course, it depends if you are male or female. There are plenty of lubricants designed for both sexes which can help. Setting the mood can also help. However, to get the best increase in your sex drive you should check out a specialty store. They have the best help for both sexes.


Sexual health and fitness can be achieved by anyone and at anytime, and it is never too late to start. Recently many herbal products have been developed that can increase your sex drive.


There are many natural remedies that can be used to help boost sex drive. Those that have clinical studies showing that they work include yohimbe, maca, damiana, DHEA and muira puama. Additional unbiased and comprehensive information, including dosage and side effects can be obtained by visiting the website (see link below) developed by clinical pharmacists.

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Q: What can you take to increase your libido?
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How do you increase your libido naturally?

You can increase libido naturally by: - Eating a libido enhancer food such as oyster, avocados, chocolates, chilis and nuts. - Take a regular exercise. - Have a healthy lifestyle by avoiding alcohol and smoking. - Take enough rest to recharge the body. - Experiment in bed. - Take natural libido enhancer supplement.

What medication for men can increase libido?

Viagra and other male enhancement pills will increase the libido.

Can a woman increase her libido?

Yes. A woman can increase libido by taking enough sleep, avoiding stress, taking libido enhancement supplements for women, staying fit and healthy.

What is the daily food to increase mans libido?

Black raspberries, cloves and broccoli all help increase your libido. You can also increase it by exercising and remaining fit.

How do you increase men libido?


What herbs increase libido?


How do you increase libido of females?

You love her.

Does running increase libido?


How do you increase a mans libido?

There are many products on the market to increase a mans libido. A natural on is TRIBULIS TERRIS'. Contact a naturopath for more information.

How can you increase libido?

Check with your doctor first. Reduce stress and relax. Eat right.Healthy lifestyle, proper diet and regular exercise can help you increase your sex drive. You may also take libido boosting food such as avocado, banana, asparagus, chilies and chocolate. Libido enhancement supplement may also help to increase your libido.Avoid stress and depression. Have enough sleep, proper diet and regular exercise.

What ar some emotional changes during puberty?

There is increase in libido. Also there is an increase i aggressive behavior.

Will your libido increase or decrease in early pregnancy?

It can go either way.

Home remedies to increase mens libido?

Try dark chocolate.

What are the release dates for Mansome - 2012 Exercises That Increase Libido 2-29?

Mansome - 2012 Exercises That Increase Libido 2-29 was released on: USA: 11 April 2013

What foods increase libido?

Unagi! Oysters! I think those are the same thing.............

Can flax seeds increase libido?

I have not heard or read anything indicating flax seed improves libido. Flax seed can help with erectile dysfunction and prostate health.

What else do the ears do besides sense sound?

it produces secretion that helps increase your sexual libido

What are the effect of extra joss?

your Pe**s will get big!! increase heartbeat, libido, muscle cramping!

How do you increase male libido using Chinese medicine?

Chinese medicines certainly play a key role in increasing the penis length and libido of men. However, the key will be to choose carefully and take a medicine, where there are just no side effects and maxman, tiger king, delay spray are the best effective natural herbal remedies to increasing libido for men.

What is libido tablets for?


What mental changes to males experience during puberty?

The main changes are increase in libido. Also increase in the aggressive behavior and many emotional changes.

How do you MEN increase sex drive?

Well testosterone increases libido in men.Just raise the mens testosterone.

What is the meaning of mental changes?

This refers to the emotional changes. Like the increase in libido, aggressive behavior etc,.

What are two sexual changes that girls experience during puberty?

There is increase in libido. also onset of menstruation.

Do bananas affect libido in men?

Yes, bananas has positive effects on libidoBananas help to increase sex drive boost male libido largely due to the presence of the enzyme 'bromelain'.Bananas are also a good source of B vitamins like riboflavin and potassium, which increase the body's total energy levels.Bananas are also very rich in potassium and B vitamins, which are vital for sex-hormone production.Refer to link below for an extensive list of libido boosters