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If you land a space ship on a comet or asteroid, then you can touch those (at great peril); meteorites are meteors that have struck the Earth, so you can touch those here on Earth with much less peril.

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The classification of meteorites is complex but at a high level they can be divided into Stony meteorites and Stony-iron meteorites. Meteorites are fragments of Asteroids and or comets.

they orbit the sun, that is why they are called comets, otherwise they would be known as asteroids, or meteorites!

Meteroids or comets can impact on a planet.

Meteorite is found on the surface of the planet, Comets are also known as dirty snowballs, Asteroids are small rocky bodies.

asteroids comets meteoroids meteor meteorites

Asteroids,Meteors,Meteorites,Meteoroids,Comets :)

Comets, Asteroids, Meteoroids, meteors, meteorites

Because asteroids are found in the asteroid belt and comets come off from the sun but i am not sure about meteorites sorry

Comets are Comets and Asteroids are Asteroids

Meteorites do not come volcanoes. Instead, meteorites come from comets or asteroids and originate in outer space. The size can vary from small to extremely large.

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There is no protection against these things. Numerous asteroids and meteors, and likely comets also, have struck Earth. That we have avoided major hits lately is a matter of pure luck.

The Sun, planets, moons, asteroids, meteorites, comets, ...

SSSBs is the abbreviation of Smaller Solar System Bodies like comets, asteroids, meteoroids, meteors and meteorites.

Asteroids orbit the Sun between the orbits of the planet Mars and the planet Jupiter. Comets orbit the Sun on very elliptical orbits, originating from the Kuiper belt beyond the orbit of Neptune or the Oort cloud at the edges of the solar system. Comets are also usually (but not always) icy bodies that give of gas and dust (a tail) as they approach and get heated by the Sun. Meteorites are bodies that were Asteroids or Comets that have hit the planet Earth and landed on the surface.

Planets Human Beings (On Earth) Stars Comets Meteors/Meteorites Asteroids

Meteorites help us understand the composition of asteroids because meteorites are small asteroids.

Meteorites can be considered as the "second phase" of a meteor. When a meteor passes the atmosphere of the Earth it is then called a meteorite. Yes a meteorite is smaller than comets and asteroids as the immense heat which the meteorite faces while entering the atmosphere burns most of the part of that meteor and makes it a smaller meteorite.

There are no known asteroids or comets that have impacted Mercury.

asteroids are rocks and comets are ice

Moons, asteroids, dust, gas, comets.Moons, asteroids, dust, gas, comets.Moons, asteroids, dust, gas, comets.Moons, asteroids, dust, gas, comets.

Small pieces of rock from old broken up comets become asteroids. Asteroids are large moving masses that can break up into smaller pieces. They break up and form meteorites.