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Q: What can you trade to get wacky on webkinz?
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Who on Webkinz will trade me the purple Webkinz which hat and 2 wacky jeans for the Webkinz jingle elf hat?

i wont.

How can Wacky Zingoz Extreme can be Webkinz Pet of the Month?

It can't it is not a regular webkinz

How do you get past 600 on wacky zingoz on webkinz?

You can't get above 630 on Wacky Zingoz. But you can get up to 1200 on Wacky Zingoz Extreme.

Webkinz 'wacky zingoz' that you cannot get registered on the webkinz site?

It would be logged into the code shop because it has a code and also it is not a webkinz pet/

What does the wacky zingo webkinz come with?

It unlocks agame called wacky zingos extreme, but I'm not sure what you will get if you unlock another one.

How do you use wacky bingoz extra ball on webkinz?

Go go to today activities and click get a wacky bingoz extra ball on certen days

When does the wacky zingo webkinz come out?

if you want to know when the newest webkinz are coming out you should go to, and go to webkinz. There you will see the newest webkinz and when they will come out. I'm pretty sure the dragon is coming out in May,

How do you get the webkinz wacky zingoz trophy?

you have to get a high score of i think 500 or 600 on waky zingoz

What is worth more on webkinz wacky jeans or elf hat?

the jelly beans are the bigger thing

How do you get a coupon for Wacky bingoz on webkinz?

You have to do the hourly events and sometimes you can get them off a wheel. (Ex- Wheel of Wow)

How do you get the wacky zingoz trophy on Webkinz?

You must hit it past the 600 mark. However, it is currently retired.

How do you get the 3D glasses in Webkinz?

You have to trade for them. I own a pair, but they aren't for trade. -Webkinz World Fan