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An insecticide made especially for wasps and hornets, and do it after dark, when all will be in the nest.

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Yes, bees can kill you

possibly but it will poison the soil, kill any plant it contacts and can seep to nearby wells. its also dangerous as it can ignite

Many people will use gasoline or kerosene to kill bees by pouring it on the nest or hive. Ammonia may be another solution to use to kill bees.

If the bees have bored into the ground, pour borax into the hole to kill the bees. The bees that survive the initial application of borax will get the dust on themselves and bring it to their nest, spreading it to other bees who will eventually die.

you can pour gasoline on them or squash them

How to Kill Sand Bees. Sand bees or ground bees burrow down into the soil to build their hives.

Shoe Newspaper Block or Book.

Sometimes it does it dependes what hairspray you get

Hornets don't normally nest in the ground. Yellow Jackets nest in the ground. You can kill them by pouring gasoline in the hole and running.

One method of killing ground bees or wasps is with ammonia. Late in the evening, pour ammonia in or near the nest's opening.

You can kill and get rid of these bees just like any other type of bees. There are several different methods which include soapy water, gasoline, and pest sprays.

I have tried several thing...Unfortunatly the only one I found that work is bad for the environment. Poor 1/4 cup of gasoline into theyre nest..DO NOT ignite. The fumes will kill the whole nest.

No, but they can if the bees are harmed.

Bees kill other bees to protect the hive or to steal honey from other hives through a hole in the hive.

It may be Delta Dust that you are seeing that is used to aid in controlling yellow jackets that build their nest in the ground.

no carbon monoxide will not kill bees. It does slow them down though.

will cold weather kill carpenter bees

Yes insecticide foggers will kill bees. It may take more than one fogger to kill a large amount of bees.

most insectiside will but before you kill them remember bees are good for your garden. Why would you want to kill bees?

Yes indeed! Gasoline shall kill all vegetation.

There is no laws that make it illegal to kill honey bees. However, the bees are getting endangered and they should not be killed.

Yes, they are carnivore's, bees, mosquito's..

The answer will not only kill ground bees intantly, it will kill you too if you are not upwind. First, pour in some ammonia. Only after recapping the ammonia and rechecking the wind direction, only then, open the bleach, pour it in and get out of Dodge. The bees are extremely prone to chlorine gas as they breath through their skin. The only problem is that human lungs are equally prone to permentant damage. I have found this remedy to work 100% of the time for over 40 years.

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