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Step 1: Open the full coke bottle (outside!) and set on a hard surface, such as concrete, or pavement.

Step 2: Take about five Mentos from the box and line them up one-by-one between your thumb and index finger.

Step 3: Drop all the Mentos (at one time) into the bottle of coke.

Step 4: Run away, fast!!!

The reaction is very quick

and throw it into your enemies house :D

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That would be Mentos.

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Q: What candies can make Diet Coke explode?
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How do you make an volcano explode?

to make an volcano explode you have to put diet coke into the bottle the put some red food colouring in the diet coke so it looks like lava then put some mentos in the diet coke then sit back and watch.

How many Mentos do you add to sprite to make it explode?

You need at least 1. And, it depends what kind of pop you are using. Diet coke produces the best results because it has the most Carbon Dioxide gas in it, and that means that the rough surface and the pores on the Mentos candies will get filled up with the Diet Coke carbon dioxide gas. Right after Diet Coke comes Pepsi, and on and on.

What is in Mentos that make Diet Coke explode?

caffeine, potassium benzoate, aspartame, and CO2 gas contained in the Diet Coke, in combination with the gelatin and gum Arabic ingredients of the Mentos, all contribute to the jet effect

What sodas will make a geyser?

When you put mentos candy into diet coke it explodes. Or if you shake a soda bottle before opening it, it will explode as well.

Why is Diet Coke fizzy?

If you shake the can then it wont only fizz and sizzle but explode because the citric acid will make the bubbles with the other ingredients will make CO2 and the solution will have no where to go but explode with a million bubbles coming out the can.

How do you make Mentos and coke explode?

Because of the carbon dioxide in the Mentos :)

How much baking soda does it take to make coke explode?

about a tablespoon

Does Dr Pepper or Diet Coke make raisins come up faster?

To me diet coke will make rasins come up

Will Diet Coke float or coke float?

No, it will float in vinegar or salt though. Coke is not dense enough to make an egg float.

Why does regular coke make more foam than Diet Coke?

The sugar

If i ate mentos and drank coke would I explode Or like get a really bad stomach ache?

Drinking coke and eating mentos might give you a stomach ache, but it certainly wouldn't make you explode.

Is psoriasis caused by diet coke?

Psoriasis is not typically caused by drinking diet coke. However, consuming diet coke can make psoriasis symptoms worse. Psoriasis is commonly caused by a weak immune system.