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The Bubble Tastic Choco Rocket

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Q: What candy did Logan make in the candymakers?
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What is Logan's last name in the book candymakers?

In the book candy makers logans last name is sweet Logan sweet

What happened to Logan in the candymakers?

Logan got burned when he retrieved the toy truck Philip dropped in the chocolate fountain.

What kid won in candy makers?

who wins in the book the candymakers by wendy mass

What is the climax of the candymakers?

The climax of "The Candymakers" by Wendy Mass is when the four main characters work together to solve the mystery of the missing candy recipe, and they uncover the truth about what really happened on the day of the candy contest. This pivotal moment brings resolution to the story and changes the characters' lives.

What are the rising actions in the book the candymakers by Wendy Mass?

In "The Candymakers" by Wendy Mass, the rising actions include the four main characters working together to create their candy creations for the contest, the mystery surrounding Logan and the missing formula, the increasing tension among the characters as secrets are revealed, and the unexpected twists that challenge their friendship and trust.

Who wins the candy making contest in the candy makers?


What is Logan Lermans favorite candy?

his favorite candy is sourpatch kids :)

Does Logan Lerman like candy?

Yes he does.

Is there a sequel to the book the candymakers by Wendy Mass?

Nope! The Candymakers is a stand-alone novel.

Who won the contest in the book Candymakers?

Miles won the contest in the book "The Candymakers" by Wendy Mass.

Does The Candymakers Miles have aspergers?


Who wins the candymakers?

Phillip wins with the harmonicandy.