What cannot be decomposed by chemical means?

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Is it possible that an alcoholic has an allergy to alcohol that causes a chemical reaction and combined with mental obsession means that they cannot drink safely?

Answer . The term "allergy" is an old one and is no longer commonly used. There do seem to be differences in how people metabolize and react to alcohol that are at least mostly genetic.. An alcoholic is one who is addicted to the liquid drug alcohol. There are many ways to look at it, but this ( Full Answer )

What is a pure substance cannot be broken down into any other substances by chemical or physical means?

It is called an element. Some pure substances, called elements cannot be broken down into other physical or chemical means. Individually or in combination, the elements form the object in the world around you! You might be surprised but there are only a few more then 100 elements. In fact you prob ( Full Answer )

What does decomposed mean?

Answer . To be decomposed is to have broken down into separate parts. We use the term "decompose" to describe objects that have been left to rot, such as organic materials.. For an exact term, and other terms, try this:. http://webster.com/

What does decompose mean?

Decompose in this situation means to break down living things into smaller pieces, and then returning the nutrients back into the soil. The same wth decomposing.

Which substance can not be decomposed by ordinary chemical means?

compounds CAN be decomposed elements CANT The answer would be Mercury because it is an element and can't be broken down by chemical means. but methane, ethanol and ammonia can be broken down by physical means because they are compounds.

What is a substance that cannot be separated into simpler substances by physical or chemical means?

Absolutely nothing can not be separated into a simpler substance. Just like tasking someone to reach the number one by counting to one using infinitely smaller components of that number. One can always add a decimal place which gets closer but never achieves it. Science today has identified quarks i ( Full Answer )

What does decomposes mean?

To decompose means to breakdown or break up. It can be used about chemical compounds. It is often used for example about materials that are wanted to breakdown, these are often called bio-degradable because they will be decomposed by natural bacteria and so disappear into the soil. On the other hand ( Full Answer )

Can Co be decomposed by a chemical change?

If you are asking about Cobalt then no it is an element and cannotbe broken down by chemical means. If you are talking about CarbonMonoxide (CO) then yes it can be decomposed by chemical means.

What is decompose mean?

Decompose : When a living thing dies it gets broken down in to other substances is the Earth's way of recycling/ How does that Happens A decomposer is an organism that eats, waste and dead organisms and helps to decompose it! For Example: Worms, Maggot's, Flies , Insects, Vulture

Is decomposing a chemical or physical change?

Decomposition of any compound e.g. when heated CaCO3 compound decomposes to CaO and CO2 compounds, gives different substances and hence a chemical change. Y.Ozkalay

What does decompose mean in maths?

decompose in maths means to break some thing down. e.g. Prime number decomposition is like this:. 100. 25 x 4. 5 x 5 2 x 2 . 5 is a prime and so is 2 so they are ruled out. 100=5 2 x2 2 because 5 appears twice as does 2

What dose decompose mean?

decompose is opposite of Compose! Decompose mean Distruction or decay or damage... it means to break down.

What material cannot be recycled and does not decompose?

All plastic can be recycled, but it is usually not economical to recycle thin plastics like bags and plastic film. These are often contaminated and cleaning them first is a problem. So plastic bags and other soft plastics will not be recycled and will not decompose. All metals, glass and paper ( Full Answer )

Can CaO and Ca be decomposed chemically?

Calcium oxide, or quicklime, can be decomposed chemically into itscomponents, calcium and oxygen. Calcium is an element and cannot bedecomposed chemically.

What does decompose a cube mean?

Let n > 1 for an n x n x n cube for the purpose of decomposing the n x n x n cube into unit cubes (1 x 1 x 1). For the above scenario we see that decomposing an n x n x n cube into unit cubes can be thought of dividing an n x n x n cube into unit cubes. When n = 2 we get 8 unit cubes after decompo ( Full Answer )

Is decomposing a chemical or physical ch ange?

Both, usually. Consider a compost heap in the back garden - this is decomposing plant matter. The decomposition is chemical as compounds break down into smaller, simpler organic molecules and heat is given off (exothermic). Decomposition is also physical as some of the simpler molecules produced by ( Full Answer )

Which element cannot be symbol for a chemical element?

Elements with chemical symbols that don't correspond to their English name include: Iron - Fe - From Latin - Ferrus Silver - Ag - From Latin - Argentum Gold - Au - From Latin - Aurum Tin - Sn - From Latin - Stannum Lead - Pb - From Latin - Plumbum Antimony - Sb - From Latin - Stibium ( Full Answer )

What does decomposer mean?

De composers are organisms that break down dead or decaying organisms, and in doing so carry out the natural process of decomposition.

What does decompose mean in math like decompose the number?

It means take it apart into parts that can be added back together to return to the original number. For example, you could decompose 37.25 into its integer part (37) and its fractional part (0.25). Or you could decompose the 2-dimensional vector (2,3) in the Cartesian plane into a horizontal vecto ( Full Answer )

What are decomposers in general mean?

Decomposers are an essential part of the food chain. Decomposers, or saprotrophs, break down dead plants and animals into chemical nutrients like carbon and nitrogen that are released back into the soil, air, and water, so they can be reused. The three main types of decomposers are bacteria, fungi, ( Full Answer )

What are substances that cannot be decomposed to any simpler substances?

If you are not concerned about atoms, electrons, neutrons, protons and other sub atomic particles, but confine to chemical substances occurring in nature or man made, the substance that cannot be broken into simpler substances is an "element" (usually enumerated in a periodic table). A chemical ele ( Full Answer )

What does decompose into their prime factors mean?

Decomposition means to break down. All composite numbers can be \nexpressed as unique products of prime numbers. This is accomplished by \ndividing the original number and its factors by prime numbers until all \nthe factors are prime. A factor tree can help you visualize this. Example: 210 210 ( Full Answer )