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An electrical circuit.

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Q: What carries electrical current?
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What Carries the electrical current in an aqueous NaCl solution?


What is built on integrated circuits and carries the electrical current?


What item carries the most current?

A Super-conductor will allow the greatest flow of electrical current.

What is a material called that easily carries a current?

Its called a Conductor

Why is a person not safe in a car that has a fiberglass body?

Because fiberglass carries the electrical current

What is the difference between a electrolytic conductor and a metallic conductor?

metalic conductors carries electrical current due to no.of free electrons,electrolytic conductors carries current due to no.of free ions

Does electrical energy travel through wires?

An electrical current - and the energy it carries - can travel through any conductor. Quite often, these conductors will be wires.

The current that flows in an electric circuit carries what A chemical energy B mechanical energy C thermal energy D electrical energy?

D. Electrical energy.

What are a few poor electrical conductors?

If by "poor" you mean that reluctantly carries a small charge, that you may want a resistor. A resistor is an electrical device that reduces the voltage of a current.

What carries electric current easily?

Otherwise known as good electrical conductors. Metals are very good, such as gold, copper and silver.

In an IEC-320 plug which wire carries electrical voltage?

the hot wire carries the electrical voltage

What type of energy is carried by moving negative charges?

That is the electric energy. It is called the electricity