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What cartoon is Yogi the bear from?


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Yogi Bear made his first appearance on the Huckleberry Hound Show. He was promoted to his own show, The Yogi Bear Show.


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Yogi is a cartoon bear, imitating a Grizzly.

No yogi bear is not dead yet it is still showing on cartoon network boomerang

The cartoon series in 1958 and a film in 2010 .

The cartoon was introduced in l958.

The cartoon character of "Yogi Bear" was created by William Hanna , Joseph Barbera and Ed Benedict .

No. if you are referring to the 2010 movie, it is an adaptation of a TV cartoon show and it is fictional. There is no such bear as Yogi Bear in real life.

The cartoon character of Yogi Bear was created by William Hanna , Joseph Barbera and Ed Benedict .

"Yogi Bear " , in 2010 , was made into a full length feature film .

The Hanna-Barbera cartoon character is Yogi Bear. (named for famous Yankees manager Yogi Berra)

"I'm smarter than the average bear !"

It is already here. It came on 2010. There are also other movies which are cartoon movies of the Yogi Bear.

yogi bear The Yellow Kid.

Of course, it is an impossible talking-animal cartoon.

The Yogi Bear Show and Yogi Bear & Friends were series of animated cartoon shows during the 1960s.

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Both The Quick Draw McGraw Show and Yogi Bear .

Yes , he was named after Yogi Berra despite any refutations on the part Hanna-Barbera Productions .

The park Ranger from the Yogi Bear cartoon is named Ranger Smith .

Ranger Smith. Although he was often just referred to as "Mr Ranger" by Yogi

Yogi Bear and Yosemite Sam are cartoon characters. They begin with the letter Y

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