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What caste does surname bhatia belong to?


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Bhatia's are Rajputs by caste. (Kshatriyas). This is an upper caste.


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Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia aka Akshay Kumar is believed to belong to the Bhatia Caste (Kshatriya Caste). He is a Sikh.

Rachakonda and Rajakonda belong to Kamma caste.

surname waghmare belongs to kshatriya maratha caste .

Yes,akshay kumar is a punjabi pandit. His real name is rajiv hari om bhatia. Bhatia surname is related to pandit caste.

They Belong to the caste Hatkar Dhangar

Vadde rajulu caste....

It belongs to the Kshatriya caste.

No, Dhojiya surname is belong to Rajput caste

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Chowdarys is the caste that bonthu belongs to.

my surname is korukonda and i am kapu

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Akshay Kumar has a surname of Bhatia. Bhatia's are generally Punjabi. They belong to Northern India.

they belong to Telugu Niyogi Brahmins Caste.

no it doesnt belong that caste... it belongs to poland community

he is shrivastva kayasta. he share the surname sinha

It is a kayasta surname

Depend which Bholah they are...highest Bholah caste are the Kashyap(high caste)

Vishwabrahmin Velama's also have this surname kamma's also have this surname

tak surname belongs to caste kalal who are in the profession of selling liqar.they come under obc.

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