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Bactria in the plaque

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Q: What cause germination on teeth?
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Unhealthy teeth doesn't cause you to have cold sores.

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There are three main types of germination. These main types of germination are dicot, monocot, and precocious germination. Spore and pollen germination are also common for some flowers and fungi.

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Viviporus germination is that type of germination in which seed germinate inside the fruit.

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this process is called germination.

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Yellow teeth is not proven to cause cancer. People should be smart however, and take care of their teeth and gums.

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viviperous germination.

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There are three types of germination 1.Hypogeal germination and epigeal germination and Cleistogeal germination. Hypogeal Germination: In this kind of Germination, the seed leaves or the cotyledons remain under the surface of soil. example: pea seeds - Epigeal Germination: In this type of Germination, the seed leaves grow above the ground on the new shoot. example: ash tree -Cleistogeal Germination: A special leaf that has a central umbrella like stalk forms above the ground which protects the shoot from any damage. So the development of the shoot can not be seen.

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